Possible Landing Spots for LeBron James

This summer’s NBA free agency is going to be quite exciting. The hottest name out there is LeBron James. James opted out of his contract with the Heat for one reason; more money. Some say that LeBron was under payed, so this was the best move for himself personally. So far in his time in Miami, he has made it to the NBA Finals all 4 years, winning 2 and losing 2. So, in some ways, it would be a no brainer for LeBron to resign with the Heat.

There are five teams I could see LeBron James going to. Lets start with why he would go to the Houston Rockets. The Rockets are building up a great team in Houston, led by stars James Harden and Dwight Howard. Between these two, they have the ability to score the basketball with ease most nights. With James Harden they have a pure scorer and they have a force in the paint with Dwight Howard. These are great pieces, but if you add LeBron James to this roster, they will be favored to win the NBA Finals. I can imagine James showing a decent amount of interest in the Rockets considering he wants to win championships. Adding James to this team would give them the best player in the NBA, alongside two dominant players.

Via spacecityscoop.com

Via spacecityscoop.com

Another team that is always thrown out in the mix when there is a top free agent is the Los Angeles Lakers. People say combining with Kobe Bryant would be something LeBron James would want to do, but I really do not think the Lakers can afford him. Giving Kobe a max contract showed that he is their guy, leaving little room for top free agents to come to LA. Combining LeBron and Kobe is a small possibility considering the Lakers made a huge commitment to give Kobe a huge contract extension last year, in which he was given a 2 year $48.5 million dollar extension. It is obvious Kobe and the Lakers want to win, but they will have to sign players looking for a lot less money.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are a team that would love to take LeBron back. LeBron played with the Cavs from 2003-2010, but has unfinished business, never bringing an NBA title to Cleveland. Ever since James had signed with the Heat, Cavs fans have hated LeBron, but they would love to bring him back home to Cleveland. LeBron would team up with 1st overall pick, Andrew Wiggins and up and coming point guard, Kyrie Irving. These 3 together would be dominant, but it may take a few year for them to reach the NBA Finals. LeBron really doesn’t want to wait, but he knows he has unfinished business in Cleveland. Numerous NBA fans would be quite pleased if LeBron James signed with the Cavs.

Via standingosports.com

Via standingosports.com


The Chicago Bulls could be a possible landing spot for LeBron James. But there is a key reason to why LeBron would not get a maximum contract in Chicago. With star Derrick Rose on the team, coming off yet another injury, as of now, they may have room for LeBron James. But, is he interested in going to Chicago? No one really knows where LeBron wants to go, but the Bulls do know they have a good chance to sign Carmelo Anthony. Combining Anthony with Derrick Rose would not be a bad duo. So chances are, the Bulls are going to take their chances with Melo instead of LeBron because they know there is a great chance Melo can sign with the Bulls. It would be very hard to sign both, so the Bulls will most likely go with Carmelo Anthony.

NBA fans can’t forget about LeBron James resigning with the Miami Heat. Considering a lot of guys are free agents on the Heat, as of now they can afford James. There have been rumors of Lebron and Carmelo Anthony teaming up in Miami. That is not likely as of now, but the Heat have money to maybe sign guys like Chandler Parsons or maybe Luol Deng.Don’t forget the Heat traded for two time NCAA champion Shabazz Napier, who was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets, and James then tweeted “my favorite player in the draft! #Napier”. Maybe, hinting that he will remain with the Miami Heat, and win some more NBA finals with Shabazz Napier, in which the two are both used to winning. There is a good chance LeBron James will stay with the Miami Heat, and if so, I see Dwyane Wade resigning with the Heat as well. On the other hand, I see Chris Bosh testing free agency and signing elsewhere.

Via probasketballtalk.nbcsports.com

Via probasketballtalk.nbcsports.com

Here are the teams I see LeBron James signing with in order:

1. Miami Heat

2. Houston Rockets

3. Cleveland Cavaliers

4.  Chicago Bulls

5. Los Angeles Lakers




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