Derek Jeter’s last All Star game

Tuesday night was an emotional night for Yankee’s All-Star, Derek Jeter. Jeter played in his final all star game, going 2 for 2, with a run scored in the first inning, leading off for the American League. As MLB fans, we’ve been used to seeing the Yankee captain starting at shortstop for the AL, it will be almost weird not to see him there ever again. The “Re2pect” commercial played before he batted gave many baseball fans goosebumps all over the world, overlooking the amount of respect New Yorkers have for a baseball icon.

It couldn’t have gone more smoothly for Derek Jeter. Having a multi hit game in his final all star game was great for a guy who has done so much for baseball. There were questions about Adam Wainwright and if he gave Jeter a good pitch to hit in that first inning on purpose. Even if he did, it will not bother Jeter. Derek Jeter is a guy who would never let something so small bother him. All in all, Jeter knows the Yankees are 5 games out of first place, and need to make a run. Jeter would love if the Yanks could win a World Series in his final season–much like Ray Lewis in football with the Baltimore Ravens–but that is rare in sports. Derek jeter has a winning mentality, and he always has.

The All-Star game festivities were nice for Jeter to look back on his exceptional career, but he needs to focus on the race for first place in the AL east. It will be tough, but the Yankees are right there. What stood out in the All-Star games that the Yankee Captain played in later in his career, is the amount of respect young players like Mike Trout and Troy Tulowitski have for him. Tulowitski wears number 2 because of Derek Jeter. Tulowitski has been compared to Derek Jeter, and it would be very interesting if he would replace Derek Jeter after the season in that Yankee uniform. Those are some tough shoes to fill, but only time will tell whether this will really happen or not. For now, Derek Jeter has to help show some of the younger Yankees how to make a run after the All-Star game, and make it to the  playoffs. Making it to the post season is something Derek Jeter has been used to throughout his entire hall of fame career.



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