Geno Smith or Michael Vick?

For the past few summers, there always seems to be a quarterback competition between 2 New York Jets quarterbacks. In 2012, it was Mark Sanchez vs Tim Tebow, in 2013 it was Mark Sanchez vs Geno Smith, and now Geno Smith vs Michael Vick.These two quarterbacks have similar playing styles, strong arms and the ability to run.

Michael Vick, now 34, has always been a solid quarterback throughout his career. Even at this point in his career, he can still win games. In his time in Philadelphia, injuries were always a major problem. If not, who knows, Nick Foles may have never peaked as the Eagles quarterback, and Vick may still be the quarterback for the Eagles. With that being said, if Vick starts as the Jets quarterback, they will have a pretty good chance to make the playoffs, but what about in 3 years? Vick will be 37 in 3 years, which is very old. By starting Vick, that would show that Rex Ryan does not have a lot of confidence in Geno Smith. Michael Vick knew when he signed with the Jets, he was going to be able to compete for the starting job, but would likely be the backup quarterback. One thing that will be great for Geno Smith is Michael Vick will be a good mentor to Geno. With similar styles, he can show Geno how to be a smart runner, and to make better decisions. Another positive is that Michael Vick wants to be the Jets starting quarterback, which means he will push Geno Smith.



If Michael Vick wins the starting job, that may be it for Geno Smith in New York. He probably would not want to be a backup for a few seasons, considering he started in his rookie season. Starting Michael Vick over Geno Smith would greatly hurt Smith’s confidence. Vick is here to help Geno Smith, push him, and even put a little bit of pressure on him. Sometimes quarterbacks need to know that they can lose their job at any moment, just so they don’t get to comfortable and lazy. If Geno Wins the competition, which I believe he will, the Jets’ playoff chances may be slim. But, they still have a shot, upgrading their offense with wide receiver Eric Decker, and speedy running back Chris Johnson. These 2 will only help Geno. When Mark Sanchez flourished in New York, the Jets had great running backs. Well, that’s the case this year, with Chris Johnson, Chris Ivory, and Bilal Powell. A decent recieving core with Eric Decker, Jeremy Kerley, and David Nelson. We all know the defense will be great, in which they have one of the best defensive lines in the NFL with defensive rookie of the year Sheldon Richardson, and Muhammed Wilerson. Rex Ryan always coaches one of the best defenses in football. The one flow in the defense will be the secondary, which has a lot to prove. But overall, Geno Smith will have a lot of talent around him, which is why I predict he will win the starting job, with Michael Vick backing him up in case of  a bad game, and leading the team to a playoff berth.



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