When will Johnny Manziel learn?

It’s a Monday night, primetime football game against the Washington Redskins. The story of the whole preseason for the Cleveland Browns has been who will win the quarterback competition, Brian Hoyer or Johnny Manziel? Through 2 games, there is no true answer as each quarterback has not stood out statistically this preseason. But, on Monday, with all the cameras surrounding and constantly shinning on Johnny Manziel, he made a mistake. Many people describe what Manziel did as a mean or rude gesture towards the Redskin’s bench. In other terms, he flipped the bird. Why? As we all can imagine, Manziel must hear it from other teams, as he’s all everyone talks about in the football universe. Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo mocked Manziel by doing Johnny Football’s signature money hand sign after sacking Manziel last night. 

Manziel needs to realize that he is a rookie, who doesn’t even have a starting job. Flipping the middle finger is inexcusable, no matter what the Redskins did say to him. According to espn.com, Redskins safety Ryan Clark said about Manziel, “this isn’t college anymore,” and I agree. Maybe he could have gotten away with it in college where he was the star of the team, but right now, he doesn’t even have a starting job. As for Browns coach Mike Pettine, he still has a tough decision at who to start at quarterback. So far, neither QB has really gotten into a rhythm or grove, so these next 2 preseason games are very important. I can imagine coach Pettine was not happy with Manziel’s actions last night, especially on national TV.

Via espn.go.com

Via espn.go.com

Some may say they like the fire in Johnny Manziel, and have no problem with him flipping the bird to the Redskin’s bench, but he has to know his place.I’m a fan of Johnny Manziel, but he needs to keep his head straight and stay out of trouble. Instead of falling to a lower level, he needs to preform and be quiet. He is a rookie, and may have just angered many of other NFL players around the league, as this was embarrassing to all of the NFL. Johnny Manziel has a lot of talent, and I believe he will have a great NFL career, but this little episode on Monday night football may have hurt his chances to beat Brian Hoyer in this quarterback competition. 



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