The Jets are up 21-3 on the Packers. Wow, it’s great to be a Jet fan right now. It was nice while it lasted. The Jets blew this one big time, losing 31-24. We all knew the Packers were going to put up points on the Jets, but there is no excuse to blow that big a lead. The turning point in the game was when the Jets were driving with about 1:45 left in the half, and Rex Ryan decides to throw on 1st and 10 in Packers territory, classic Jets, interception. C’mon. It’s almost very predictable what this Jets team is going to do.

Via thejetpress.com

                  Via thejetpress.com

So, instead of going into halftime up 24 or 28 to 9, the Jets turn the ball over, and Aaron Rodgers marches the Packers down field for a touchdown to Randall Cobb. What does Rex do with his defense on this last drive before halftime? Prevent, no touchdowns, but the Packers don’t mind throwing short passes, still gaining 25 yards a catch. Prevent defense does not work on the 2nd best quarterback in the NFL with over a minute left in the half. I would love to know why they changed up what they were doing on defense the whole game, just for this drive. They were putting pressure on Aaron Rodgers, sacking him, and making him throw incompletions. Fine, 21-16 at half. If you’re a Jet fan, you’re worried, yet surprised to be beating a super bowl contender on their home turf at halftime.

Via auburnpub.com

                 Via auburnpub.com

The Jets get the ball to start the 2nd half. Nothing. They basically did nothing on offense in the 2nd half. The Packers embarrass the Jets secondary, dishing it to Jordy Nelson over and over again. Why is Dee Milliner guarding Jordy Nelson in Milliner’s 1st game back from a high ankle sprain? He is not Darrelle Revis, I’ll tell you that. Jordy Nelson had 9 receptions for 209 yards, including an 80 yard touchdown. Packers take a 24-21 lead, but the Jets did tie it with a 52 yard field goal by Nick Folk. But not for long, the Packers bounced right back with the 80 yard touchdown pass from Rodgers to Nelson. 31-24 after 3.

Via www.metro.us

                 Via http://www.metro.us

Here we are in the 4th quarter, and the Jets are still in the game. 31-24 and the Jets go for it on 4th and 8 and Geno Smith hooks up with Jeremy Kerley with what could have been a 35-40 yard touchdown pass. Touchdown…? Nope, the Jets use their final timeout. Why? There was still 6 plus seconds left on the play clock, and Jets blow their last timeout in what was a dime by Geno Smith. It appeared as if Jets Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg was telling Rex Ryan to call timeout, but according to the New York Post, it was Sheldon Richardson calling timeout from the sideline, maybe seeing Mornhinweg try to call timeout, or get Rex’s attention, as shown in the picture below and Jets are charged with their final timeout, and will replay the 4th and 8. They still converted, but later turned the ball over on downs. The Packers get the ball back, and run the clock out.

Via larrybrownsports.com

         Via larrybrownsports.com

31-24 Packers, final. A game in which the Jets scored 3 touchdowns on their 1st 3 drives, and had a 21-3 lead. But, this one goes in the loss column. Rex Ryan needs to control his bench. Get your head in the game, you are coaching an NFL football team. But, after this heartbreaker, we can only blame the coaching. The Jets schedule will only get harder as they have a very winnable game on Monday night vs the Bears at Metlife, but they then take on the Lions, Chargers, Broncos, and Patriots. They can easily lose all these games, and go to 1-5, to take on the Bills who are actually in 1st place in the division. Well, the Packers did not win this game, the Jets lost it. Tough one to swallow, but lets see if the Jets can make a statement on ESPN Primetime on Monday night.



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