Week 8 NFL Predictions

Thursday, October 23rd 

Broncos-30   Chargers-23

Sunday, October 26th 

Lions-24   Falcons-21

Jets-27   Bills-17

Ravens-20   Bengals-17

Seahawks-28   Panthers-14

Patriots-35   Bears-10

Texans-24   Titans-12

Dolphins-24   Jaguars-20

Chiefs-16   Rams-13

Buccaneers-31   Vikings-17

Eagles-27  Cardinals-7

Browns-20   Raiders-17

Colts-34   Steelers-20

Packers-31   Saints-28

Monday, October 27th  

Cowboys-28   Redskins-24



One thought on “Week 8 NFL Predictions

  1. how do the titans get 12? 4 fg? 6 safeties? explain, please 🙂
    tb/minn—does one of them have to win? can you figure a way that they each get an L ?
    no comment on the most important game, yet 🙂

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