NFL Week 16 Predictions

Thursday, December 18th 

Jaguars-17   Titans-13

Saturday, December 20th 

Eagles-24   Redskins-14

49ers-21   Chargers-16

Sunday, December 21st 

Ravens-23   Texans-7

Panthers-31   Browns-17

Lions-20   Bears-10

Packers-35   Buccaneers-14

Steelers-13   Chiefs-10

Dolphins-27   Vikings-21

Patriots-31   Jets-17

Saints-28   Falcons-24

Giants-21   Rams-17

Raiders-17   Bills-16

Colts-35   Cowboys-34

Seahawks-17   Cardinals-6

Monday, December 22nd 

Broncos-38  Bengals-24



One thought on “NFL Week 16 Predictions

  1. pm and the boys going to get 8 barth fgs and two defensive tds? haha like the score of the sea/az game. bills have a let down week? if there was ever a week that i am rooting for hearing “and that is a jets FIRST DOWN!!” this is it 🙂

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