Look out for the Buffalo Bills?

Reports came out yesterday via ESPN’s Adam Schefter that the Buffalo Bills had traded linebacker Kiko Alonso for star running back LeSean McCoy. The trade cannot be official until next week, but if the trade goes through, the talk will be watch out for the Buffalo Bills in the AFC East.

The team is moving in the right direction, but still face a major problem, who’s the quarterback? EJ Manuel was benched last season, but he will be one of the candidates. Manuel has not proven that he can start in the NFL, but he is still very young. Today, the Bills aquired Matt Cassel in a trade with the Minnesota Vikings, but he has also not proven he can start in the NFL and win games. He will most likely be there to compete with EJ manuel.

With their top ranked defense, they should have no problems on that side of the ball in 2015. The offense has playmakers now with Sammy Watkins and the addition of LeSean McCoy. With Rex Ryan being named the head coach, he sits with the same problem he had with the Jets. A great defense, ground and pound, and quarterback problems. An option could be to bring in Mark Sanchez to reunite with Ryan, but he still has not proven to be a consistent starter in the NFL.

The Bills are close to competing with the Patriots in the AFC East, but teams need a quarterback to win in this league, and they just do not have a proven NFL quarterback on the roster. LeSean McCoy is one of the most explosive players in football, but he does not instantly make the Bills a playoff team. The Bills need to search their options, and find Rex Ryan the quarterback he never had with the Jets. Will it be EJ manuel? Mark Sanchez? Matt Cassel? Or some other unproven quarterback. The team needs a quarterback that can win football games. Only time will tell, as it will be very interesting to see what the Bills do the rest of the offseason.



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