Who has the advantage in the 2015 NBA Finals?

The 2015 NBA Finals tips off tonight, featuring the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors are led by 2015 MVP Steph Curry. The Warriors posted a 67-15 record, leading them to be the early favorite in this year’s finals. The warriors have been able to shoot the lights out all year, and have been almost impossible to beat when playing in their home stadium.

Overall, the keys to the series for the Warriors to come out victorious seem simple, but they really are not. They have to contain LeBron James. What makes this task even harder than it already is is that LeBron has enough experience in the Finals to be successful. If he does not score at least 20 to 25 points in each game, I will be shocked. The Warriors will need to figure out a way to keep him outside the paint, because once he’s in the paint, he’s so difficult to beat. The warriors know LeBron will have his fair share of points, but they just need to limit the damage he will put in each game. With that being said, the Warriors will need to play to their strengths, by lighting it up from three point range, having everyone be apart of the offensive plan, and putting pressure on LeBron to score 40 plus points. They should also take advantage of their home court advantage, and continue the success they’ve had at home. Keep in kind, they did lead the NBA in wins this season.

Via ballislife.com

Via ballislife.com

The game plan for the Cavs should be simple. Allow LeBron to lead, by scoring, passing, and defending, like the NBA champion and MVP he is. Passing is key, once LeBron starts dishing dimes all over the court, that’s when the Cavs get in a grove. Also look for a possibly nervous Kyrie Irving. Irving has shown everyone that he can shoot the lights out, but like Steph Curry and Klay Thompson for the Warriors, it’s his 1st NBA Finals appearance. There is not much finals experience from either team, but the Cavs have LeBron, who already has 2 rings. If the Cavs follow his lead, they will be fine. When plays go chaotic, they will rely on him. But, that’s what LeBron wants, the game in his hands.

There you have it, my Finals prediction is the Cleveland Cavaliers. Why? LeBron James. LeBron has 2 rings, and is coming off a season in which he lost in the NBA Finals. I do not see him losing a Finals in back to back seasons. When LeBron starts getting every player involved, look for the Cavs to hit their stride. They also would like to give the Cavs their first Finals championship, something LeBron has owed them since the day he left Cleveland for Miami. Leaving Cleveland to go to Miami was heardtbreaking for Cavs fans, but he’s back, and has the experience to lead the team to success. There is something unique about this Final. There’s no Lakers, Celtics, Heat, or Spurs. It’s two teams that have not had major success in the playoffs, making it great to see either team win. It’s a new wave of teams on the rise in the NBA.

Prediction: Cavaliers in 6



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