The 2015 New York Mets: A season to remember

On Sunday, November 1st, who would’ve thought that the New York Mets would suffer a heartbreaking series loss in the World Series? I’ll tell you what, not me. We could be gearing up for a game 6 in Kansas City tonight, but the reality is we are not, the season’s over. The team could easily be up 3 games to 1 in the series, blowing 1 lead in the 8th, and 2 leads in the 9th. Today it feels awful, but this season is great for the future of the Mets.

I could sit here and list free agents the Mets should pick up in preparation of another World Series run, but I have no clue what the front office wants to do. What I can tell you is fairly obvious. The pitching staff. Many knew this pitching staff had potential. What can also excite Mets fans are the experience gained by Jacob deGrom, Matt Harvey, Steven Matz, and Noah Syndergaard. Matt Harvey’s game 5 World Series start proved that this guy is the real deal. Through all the ups and downs, he came out and up until the 9th, shut down a very pesky Kansas City Royals lineup. Unfortunately, he did not finish the job, but that start can get many Mets fans excited. Maybe not right now, still trying to swallow a tough series loss, but this pitching staff gained so much experience from this playoff run.

The team went from not making the playoffs since 2006 to winning the National League pennant. Now, how can they get back there next year? Mets fans may be split about this, but they have to bring back Daniel Murphy. Fans will be haunted with his error in the 8th inning of game 4, but errors happen. This guy went on a tear in the post season, showing he wants to win. Until the World Series, he was unstoppable. Every time he batted, it seemed like he hit a home run. Yes he does have a shaky glove, but he gives them that hitter in the lineup that has the ability to get on base. It depends on what kind of contract he is looking for, but he would be a very important piece to the team in 2016. Plus, he can fill in for David Wright, because it does not seem like Wright will be able to play in 140 plus games. I’d love for the Mets to bring this guy back for the right price, just to give the lineup more stability. There is uncertainty on whether the Mets will resign Yoenis Cespedes, so it’s tough to see who the team will rely on to get their big hits.

Yes no one talks about the 1973 and 2000 Mets, but this season gives fans a feel that the team is capable of winning important games in the future. The thought of the collapses in 2007 and 2008 will hopefully slowly drift away. What worries me is that anything short of winning the World Series next year is a lost season. The team showed they can make a late October run, but how can they bounce back next season?

So my message to Mets fans: enjoy football, basketball, and hockey season (if you like these sports), and lets hope the team can continue to rally around this pitching staff. For the 2016 season, I expect nothing less then the team lifting that World Series trophy.This fall is a critical period in the Mets season, to keep the team as close to the same as last year. They also can not go crazy spending money, they may need it on these soon to be franchise pitchers. We have something special here in New York, lets keep it.

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One thought on “The 2015 New York Mets: A season to remember

  1. great post.
    welcome back πŸ™‚
    guess the loss in oakland let you get past the jets doing well in preventing you from posting πŸ™‚

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