Super Bowl 50 could be a classic

The 2015 season was a year to remember for the Carolina Panthers. A matchup on Sunday that seems pretty intriguing, they will take on Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. This game, like many, will come to strength vs strength. A tough Bronocos defense will be tough against one of the NFL’s best offenses, led by Cam Newton. Newton is the clearly the MVP, but will he be able to add to his resume of a Heisman, National Championship, and a Super Bowl ring?

Many people seem to think the Panthers are clearly going to win, but I’m taking the Broncos in this one. Everyone recognizes how great Denver’s defense is, but it really is something special. Holding Tom Brady and the Patriots to 18 points is really impressive. Led by Von Miller and Demarcus Ware, the list can go on for the best defense in football. While Denver’s offense has been brutal at times, lets be honest, they’ve got Peyton Manning. Yes, it has been the worst year of his career, but he will leave his mark with this game. In what could be his last game, you have to think Peyton is going to ball out on the field.

Another reason why I like the Broncos in this game is experience. In watching many of the press conferences, the panthers look exhausted. While it is very exhausting, it’s part of a requirement that must be fulfilled when you make it to the Super Bowl. While the Panthers also are a better overall team, I think there’s a chance they lose focus in this game. The way the Panthers can win is the fact they they have so much talent, guys like Luke Kuechly, Josh Norman, Jonathan Stewart, and Cam Newton can run up a score on a team quick. Dever’s defense won’t allow that. A defense that’s no fun to face either, but Peyton Manning has a chance to show us why some call him “the Sheriff.”

Growing up watching Peyton Manning for years, we all would love to see him go out on a bang. To some, it hurts his reputation having a losing record in the Super Bowl (1-2), but he will have an opportunity to prove those haters wrong. He is absolutely a first ballot Hall of Famer, but it would only be appropriate for Manning to finish his career out on top. Peyton Manning will turn this season from a year to forget, to a year full of memories. Why? Winning the Super Bowl is a memory in itself. Peyton Manning will toss 2 touchdowns, leading to a 27-20 victory.



2 thoughts on “Super Bowl 50 could be a classic

  1. well, you’re setting yourself for the blame…jinx! 🙂

    “growing up….” he took his first snap when you were 15 months old and his last when you’re 18….. 🙂

    good post.

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