The All Time Mets Killers Team

For unknown reasons, players in the MLB thrive against certain teams. Here is a batting order of nine players by position with phenomenal numbers against the New York Mets. To Mets fans, these players can be classified as “Met Killers.” If this starting lineup played the Mets for a full season of 162 straight games, they might win 130 or more of them.

Chipper Jones

Chipper Jones played so well against the Mets, he named his son Shea after the Mets’ old ball park known as Shea Stadium. Jones hit 17 home runs at Shea Stadium as reported by Picture via

  1. Jimmy Rollins SS- 33 HR 122 RBI in 250 games played.
  2. Chase Utley 2B- 38 HR 113 RBI in 186 games played.
  3. Chpper Jones 3B- 49 HR 159 RBI .309 Avg. in 245 games played.
  4. Willie Stargell OF- 60 HR 182 RBI in 249 games played.
  5. Barry Bonds OF- 38 HR 140 RBI in 228 games played.
  6. Ryan Howard 1B- 45 HR 132 RBI in 166 games played.
  7. Pat Burrell OF- 42 HR 106 RBI in 162 games played.
  8. Ivan Rodriguez C- .348 Avg. in 41 games played.
  9. Sandy Koufax P- 17- 2 record 1.44 ERA 162 innings pitched in 20 games pitched.


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