The next 10 games are make or break for the New York Mets

At just 1 game over .500 at 59-58, the Mets sit only 2.5 games out of the final wild card in the National League. The team has struggled since the All Star break, but they are still very much alive in this race for the postseason. The Mets are built for the postseason with their young, dominant pitching staff and we have seen before that if a team can slide their way into the playoffs anyway, anything can happen.

The Mets are heading for a 10 game road trip in which they play the Arizona Diamondbacks , the San Francisco Giants, and the St. Louis Cardinals. If the team can find a way to come home with a 7-3 record or better on the road trip, they should be in business. It’s amazing that the team is 59-58 and very much in the playoff race, and a little win streak could jumpstart this team.

The Mets were recently swept by the last place Diamondbacks, so it’s time for payback. The Giants have been cold since the All Star break as well, but playing in San Francisco is never an easy task for the Mets. The Cardinals are one of teams ahead of the Mets in the wildcard standings, so taking 2 of 3 against them is a priority for this team to stay relevant. Jumping 3 teams in the Wild Card standings will not be easy, but these 4 teams are separated by just a few games, so anything can happen. This is not an easy road trip, but if the Mets are looking to stay alive in this playoff race by September, they need to make a splash on this road trip. They just got Jose Reyes back, and expect Yoenis Cespedes and Asdrubal Cabrera soon, so the team is getting healthy. Hopefully, healthy at the right time to make another memorable postseason run.

Full Wild Card Standings Via ESPN


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