Daniel Murphy could very well be the 2016 National League MVP

No Met fan will ever forget the October Daniel Murphy put together. According to Baseball Reference, Murphy had a .328 average with 7 home runs and 11 RBI’s in the 2015 playoffs. He hit the go ahead home run in game 5 of the divisional round off of Zack Greinke, and was the NLCS MVP. Without Murphy, the Mets would not have made it to the World Series. He gave fans such excitement.

Now here we are in 2016, and the Mets decided not to resign Daniel Murphy. People looked at him as more of a negative than a positive due to his bad glove and overly aggressive base running. Even worse, he signed with the division rival Washington Nationals. Murphy was always a solid player for the Mets, in my opinion the best pure hitter they had in their lineup. Now, he is having a career year. So far here in August he has 22 home runs with 87 RBI’s and a .347 batting average. He may very well be the MVP of the National League. With Bryce Harper not having his best season, Murphy has led the team to major success and a World Series threat for 2016.

Not to be forgotten, Murphy is the newest Met killer. According to the New York Times, Daniel Murphy has 6 home runs and 19 RBI’s against the Mets this year in 12 games. All Mets fans can do is shake their head. Seeing Murphy leave was tough, but to be in the same division is even harder to swallow.

I always wanted the Mets to resign Daniel Murphy. I was very upset when the Mets did not sign him because he is a different kind of player in baseball. Always hustling and rarely a strikeout threat, the Mets could definitely have used him this year. He was a pure contact hitter and now at this point in his career he is hitting home runs, leaving the MLB universe shaking their heads.

It has only been a season and an October, but Daniel Murphy could be one of the better players in baseball now, at the age of 31. Who would have thought he could be an MVP candidate and possibly a World Series champion? If both happened, I assumed they would have been in a Met uniform. If I had a vote for MVP, it would no doubt be Daniel Murphy. Without him, the Nationals might not have as comfortable a lead in the NL East. He has been the hottest hitter in baseball since October of 2015.


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