Top 5 fantasy football quarterbacks

5. Drew Brees

It seems like Drew Brees leads the NFL in passing yards every year. Last year, Bress tallied 4,870 yards with 32 touchdown passes and just 11 interceptions. Some question how much longer Brees will be able to keep up his greatness, and I don’t think he is finished yet. If he is still available in 5th or 6th round, he’d be a steal. He may be a little up and down, but he still is in my top 5. With Brees, you know you will get at least 12 points from him for the most part. We also know he has the ability to get 30 or more points for your team.

4. Tom Brady

Tom Brady could easily be the number 1 fantasy quarterback, but his 4 game suspension hurts his draft stock. He tossed for 4,470 yards with 36 touchdown passes and 7 interceptions. He may go towards the 5th or 6th round, but I expect him to still be a top 10 fantasy quarterback. If you can get him in the middle rounds, and find a decent quarterback like Phillip Rivers or Tony Romo, they should be able to hold their own for those 4 games. Once Brady is back, you will be pleased that you have him and everyone will wonder how he fell so late in the draft. It’s Tom Brady, he should be fine.

3. Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson had an excellent season last year. He threw for 4,024 yards with 34 touchdown passes and only 8 interceptions. He has proven he can be a pocket passer and put up 4 touchdown passes in a game. Even if he has a lousy game throwing the ball, he will most likely find points with his legs.  His ability to run the ball is huge for fantasy football owners. Last season he rushed for over 550 yards, but only had 1 rushing touchdown. His rushing numbers are declining through his career, but his passing numbers are going up. He is becoming a consistent passer, and he should be in the top 5 in fantasy scoring this season. Throughout his career, Wilson has shown he does not turn the ball over much. Staying away from those negative points is huge in fantasy football, and Wilson gives you that. I expect a big year from Russell Wilson.

2. Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers threw for 3,821 yards last season with 31 touchdown passes and 8 interceptions. Rodgers might be the best quarterback in football. No one threads the needle in football better than this guy. He is so consistent. He will usually gets between 15 and 20 points for your team. You might have to take him in the 2nd round, but he pays off. One dimension of Rodgers’ game that people don’t realize is his ability to run the football. He ran for over 340 yards last year and a touchdown. 10 rushing yards adds up to 1 point, and those can be huge during crunch time. Rodgers also did not get any help from his receiving core last year. With Jordy Nelson returning this year from injury, he will be a huge help for the former MVP. In the words of Rodgers, “R-E-L-A-X.” He’s still one of the best in football, and could easily be the number 1 fantasy quarterback.

1. Cam Newton

The 2015 MVP had a huge season last year. He is turning into a quarterback who is a jack of all trades. He threw for 3,837 yards with 35 touchdowns and 10 interceptions last year. He showed last year he could drop 25 points with ease. He put up these numbers without his number 1 target last year in Kelvin Benjamin, who will be back this season from injury. His ability to run the football is huge. The best rushing quarterback in football, he ran for over 630 yards and had 10 touchdowns on the ground. Those 10 rushing touchdowns are an extra 60 points for his season points total. He widened the eyes of many fans last year, and the question will be can he keep this up? With a quarterback who can run up the scoreboard with his arm and legs, he is the clearcut number 1 fantasy quarterback. Depending on how many teams are in your league, he might go in the 1st round. You will not regret having him, he’s at the top of his game, and I expect him to give a run for the MVP in 2016.

Stats via ESPN


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