Why the Mets should NOT fire Terry Collins

2016 has been a disappointing season for the New York Mets. Here we are at the end of August and they have been hovering around .500. The Mets are very much still alive in the playoff race, but everyday they slowly slip away. The team has been historically bad at hitting, and their young pitching staff has not hit it’s potential for the season.

When a team struggles in any sport, fans immediately cry for the coach to be fired. In this case, fans want Mets manager Terry Collins out. Maybe a change would have given this team a spark, but I argue that Terry Collins should not be fired, and there are many reasons why.

Terry Collins brought this team to the World Series last year. Don’t forget 2015, fans. This team was a very good baseball team with a solid offense and a young pitching staff full of studs. The difference this year is injuries have killed this team. Yoenis Cespedes, Jose Reyes, Matt Harvey, Asdrubel Cabrera, David Wright and Steven Matz are just some of the key players that faced time on the DL. Plus, key players last season like Curtis Grandson and Michael Conforto have struggled this season. For what it’s worth, one of their better hitters last season in Daniel Murphy is making a case for 2016 National League MVP in Washington.

Where we stand now, of their original 5 starting pitchers, the Mets only have Jacob deGrom, Bartolo Colon, and Noah Syndaergaard healthy. With Matz and Harvey now injured, it’s taken a toll on the other pitchers. Last season, you felt like the Mets had a chance to win everyday thanks to their starting pitching. This season, it does not feel like that.

So, with a struggling offense and an injury plagued team I ask why does firing Terry Collins make sense? It’s fans trying to find something to blame. When a team is playing well, nothing is said of the manager. Once a team struggles, everyone wants the manager fired. I am impartial as to whether Collins should be fired, but in my opinion the team would not preform any differently with another manager. If this team does not make the playoffs which very well may happen, I could see Collins being fired. Coming off a National League pennant, expectations are high. The teams struggles are not only to blame on Collins, but also on the players themselves for underachieving so far in 2016. We will see what happens with a little over a month left in the season.


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