2016 New York Jets game by game predictions

Sunday, September 11th vs Cincinnati Bengals

Jets 24, Bengals 17 

The Jets will open up the season with an important win against a tough team in Cincinnati. Their defense will live up to their expectations in this game and the offense will be durable enough to pull out the win.

Thursday, September 15th @ Buffalo Bills

Jets 21, Bills 10

In their third time meeting with their former coach Rex Ryan since he was fired, the Jets will get their first victory against him. Buffalo is an overrated team in my opinion, and the Jets will be all over Tyrod Taylor and his new contract. However, no division game is easy, so this should be a close one, most likely a defensive battle.

Sunday, September 25th @ Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs 31, Jets 10

After a 2-0 start to the season, this would be one Jets fans thought they could have. However, playing in Kansas City is a tough task, and the Jets defense will fold. The Chiefs are a difficult team to face, especially at home. I see the Jets’ defense laying an egg in this one.

Sunday, October 2nd vs Seattle Seahawks 

Seahawks 20, Jets 7

The Seahawks will be a tough opponent for the Jets, even at the Meadowlands. Russell Wilson will show Jets fans why he is a top 10 quarterback in the NFL, and have a day. The Seahawks defense will be too much of a task for Ryan Fitzpatrick to handle. This will be a tough one for the Jets.

Sunday, October 9th @ Pittsburgh Steelers 

Steelers 35, Jets 28

The Jets’ offense will have no problem with a struggling Steelers defense, but their are too many playmakers on Pittsburgh’s offense for the Jets to handle. Le’Veon Bell will be well back from suspension by then, and potentially have a field day. After this one, the Jets will have dropped 3 in a row.

Monday, October 17th @ Arizona Cardinals 

Cardinals 24, Jets 13

Monday night football on the road facing a team with Super Bowl aspirations will be tough for the Jets. The Cardinals top 5 defense will frustrate Brandon Marshall and company, and Carson Palmer will be solid enough for the Cardinals to pull out the victory. Jets fans will see their season slipping away.

Sunday October 23rd vs Baltimore Ravens

Jets 27, Ravens 10 

After losing 4 in a row, the Jets will dominate at home against Baltimore. Their defense will be all over Joe Flacco, and Ryan Fitzpatrick will play the way Jets fans are used to on offense. Jets fans will see this win as a very important one that could maybe save their season.

Sunday, October 30th @ Cleveland Browns 

Jets 17, Browns 6

The Jets defense will shut down Robert Griffin III, however their offense will struggle. But, in the end they will beat a team that they very well were supposed to beat. At this point, the Jets will have a 4-4 record, and hope for a better second half to the season.

Sunday, November 6th @ Miami Dolphins 

Dolphins 23, Jets 20

The Jets will take this Miami team too lightly, and be trailing big early. A 2 touchdown 4th quarter will tie the game, but Miami will march right back down the field to victory. This will be a very important division game that the Jets let slip away.

Sunday, November 13th vs Los Angeles Rams

Jets 28, Rams 9 

The Rams will have a lot of attention this season because of the move to Los Angeles, but the Jets will be all over what is not a very good Rams team. The offense will make big plays, and the defense will dominate in a very complete win for the Jets to keep them in the race for the wild card, or even the division.

Sunday, November 27th vs New England Patriots

Patriots 28, Jets 27

The Jets give the Patriots a game almost every time they meet, but the Patriots always seem to win. It will be a battle, and the Jets will lead late. But Tom Brady will do what he normally does, and lead the Patriots down field on the final possession to victory. This will be a tough one for the Jets to swallow.

Monday, December 5th vs Indianapolis Colts 

Colts 17, Jets 13

The Jets defense will do a great job against Andrew Luck and the Colts, but the offense will continue it’s inconsistency against a mediocre Colts defense. This loss will be the most frustrating one of the year because the Jets will not able to get anything going on offense.

Sunday, December 11th @ San Francisco 49ers 

Jets 31, 49ers 14

Maybe Collin Kaepernick will be standing for the National Anthem by then. Who knows. The Jets on the other hand will dominate the 49ers in all aspects of the game. Ryan Fitzpatrick will spread the love to Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker throughout the game, and this win will keep the Jets’ playoff hopes alive.

Saturday, December 17th vs Miami Dolphins

Jets 28, Dolphins 16

Another impressive win for the Jets will keep them right in the middle of a playoff race. No division game is ever easy in the NFL, but the Jets will make it look easy against Miami. Every win is huge at this point in the season, and Jets fan will be feeling pretty good about their team.

Saturday, December 24th @ New England 

Jets 30, Patriots 22

The Jets defense will come through big against Tom Brady and the Patriots. It seems like the Jets always take one against New England, and this would be a big one down the stretch. The Patriots might have clinched the division by then, but Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Jets would have playoff hopes. At 8-7, game 16 will be a must win.

Sunday, January 1st vs Buffalo Bills 

Bills 20, Jets 10

In a meaningless game for the Bills, it would be déjà vu all over again for both teams. Like in the 2015 season, Rex Ryan and the Bills will beat the Jets in a game New York needed to have, and spoil their playoff hopes yet again. Rex Ryan will treat it like his Super Bowl again, and Jets fans will be left shaking their heads.

Final record: 8-8

I don’t think this Jets team will make the playoffs, however they might have a decent shot at it. They play a lot of tough teams this season, and it may be too much for the team to overcome. This might be the most explosive offense the team has had in years with playmakers like Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, and Matt Forte. It will be up to Ryan Fitzpatrick to play like he did last season. I think the defense will keep the team competitive, but will slip up in a few key games. Overall, the Jets could give fans a lot of excitement in 2016. They have great personnel, now they need to execute against a lot of tough teams.

Schedule via ESPN



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