Why signing Tim Tebow makes sense for any MLB Team

It’s Tebow time in New York again. The former NFL quarterback has been signed by the Mets. It seemed like the overall feeling on this was why? People wonder how he would be able to succeed in baseball since he hasn’t played it in quite a few years. He is 29, but he is a very good athlete. A strong guy, with decent speed, he has a few tools that can lead to some kind of success in baseball. I will also say this is probably not a spur of the moment decision for Tebow. He’s been out of football for a few years, so he may have been working on his baseball game. The feeling seems to be that he is a long shot to play in the big leagues.

I on the other hand think he will make an appearance in the big leagues. But, it all depends on how the Mets preform. Hypothetically speaking, lets say the Mets are irrelevant in a September, and it’s time for the rosters to expand to 40 players. I could see the Mets calling him up, to sell seats in the stadium. That would be a no brainer. In addition to this, you have to think he will see time in spring training. Fans that don’t watch spring training may watch, to see how he preforms. I know I will definitely watch to see how he does.

Don’t forget about the minor leagues. I would go to say a Brooklyn Cyclones game to see Tebow play. Whether you’re a fan of Tebow or not, you’d be curious to see how he preforms on the ball field. So, I did not bash this signing. Yes, it very well may be for the money. But it is also a low risk choice on a very talented athlete. I think this falls under the category of you never know. I do not think he will be a distraction, he handles himself well. That is why I feel all 32 baseball teams should have been interested in him.


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