Keys for the Jets to be victorious against the Buffalo Bills

With a tough week 1 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, the Jets see themselves in a must win game already here in week 2. The reason this game is a must win is because their schedule is so tough, and they seemingly can’t afford to lose to the Bills. Don’t forget the Bills are also 0-1, and no NFL team wants to start 0-2 and put their backs against the wall in September. Here are the Jets’ keys to victory.

First off, they need to keep Tyrod Taylor in the pocket. If Taylor gets going with his legs, the Jets will be in for a long game. The Jets need to force Taylor to throw the ball 35 times at least. If the Bills get going on the run, we’ll see the Jets with their backs against the wall. If the Jets can limit Taylor to under 20 yards rushing, that could be key to victory.

Next, Brandon Marshall has to get going. Marshall was quiet in week 1. When Marshall isn’t producing, chances are Ryan Fitzpatrick is not producing. Marshall is their best player on offense, so he needs to go for over 100 yards receiving tonight. Fitzpatrick has to keep throwing it his way, and he will make plays.  If he shreds the Bills defense, the Jets could be looking at victory.

Something we also saw in week 1 was the Jets’ inability to complete drives. The team settled for field goals way to much against the Bengals. Last year when the Jets played the Bills on Thursday Night Football, they had the same problem. They can’t let that happen this time if they want to win. They need to get good runs in the redzone from Matt Forte to keep them in manageable situations. The last thing we want to see is turnovers in the redzone. Those can be limited with manageable third down situations.

The Jets will need help from their secondary against the Bills. Many can bet the defensive line will be as good as they always are. The secondary needs to have better coverage on the receivers, and not get beat deep. AJ Green made Darrelle Revis toast, but I’ll give him a pass since Green is one of the best in the game. This week people were trying to write off Revis, but I’d hold up on that. I expect Revis to play the way we know he can. Yes, he is getting older, but he can still be effective. If the defensive line puts pressure on Taylor, that could force him to make tough passes that the secondary must take advantage of.

Lastly, the Jets need to limit turnovers. This will be a key every week because it’s true. If the Jets do not turn the ball over, they most likely will win. Whoever wins the turnover battle in this game will probably win. In addition to winning the turnover battle, the offense must cash in off turnovers. It is easier said than done. The run game needs to take pressure off Ryan Fitzpatrick. He will be more likely to turn the ball over on long yardage situations. If they don’t turn the ball over, they should win this ball game.

Keys to a victory

  1. Keep Tyrod Taylor in the pocket
  2. An explosive Brandon Marshall
  3. Convert on redzone trips
  4. Better showing from the secondary
  5. Limit turnovers and win the turnover battle

This Jets team is very good on paper. They had spurts of an explosive offense last week, but they just didn’t play a complete game. The Jets need to end the drought of 5 losses in a row against the Buffalo Bills, and also finally beat their former coach Rex Ryan for the first time since he was fired. Winning games in your division on the road is tough, but the Jets must find a way to win if they want to make a run for the playoffs. It is very early, but this schedule is not getting easier.


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