Keys for the Jets to be victorious against the Seattle Seahawks

Here we are in week 4, and the Jets are sitting at 1-2. Falling to 1-3 is not something coach Todd Bowles would like to see, making this one of the most important games of the season. Hosting a struggling Seahawks team makes the Jets poised to win this game, but if they play like they did in week 3, they will finish 1-15. Here are the keys for the Jets to pull out a win against the Seahawks.

First off, the offense has to cash in on redzone opportunities. Ryan Fitzpatrick had numerous interceptions when the Jets were in the redzone. Turnovers in the redzone are throwing points away. In a game last week where the Jets were 1 play away from being back in the game, these turnovers in enemy territory were the turning point of the game. The Jets were one of the best teams in the redzone in 2015, which is why their offense was productive. Lets see that start to emerge this season, and we’ll be alright.

Number 2, they need to establish the run game. When the Jets found themselves down 2 touchdowns against the Chiefs, they panicked and turned into a pass only offense. Ryan Fitzpatrick was 20 for 44, which is awful. Matt Forte only had 15 carries which shows they abandoned the run game. Against the Bills they weren’t afraid to run the football, and that is why they controlled and won that game. Ryan Fitzpatrick should not be throwing 44 times. Establish the run, take pressure off of Fitzpatrick, and the offense will be more productive.

Last week, the defense did not play bad at all. The final score was 24-3, but the Chiefs’ defense had 2 touchdowns, which means the defense only let up 10 points. Russell Wilson apparently tweaked his knee last week, so the defense should try to expose him. That means, the defensive line has to do what they always do, and get help from the secondary. If Wilson is hurting, this defensive line could get to him, and show why they are one of the best in the league.

We need more out of Brandon Marshall. He tweaked his knee as well is week 2, and he did not look the same in week 3. This offense feeds off of him. If Fitzpatrick can get him going, the offense will look better than last week. He only had 3 receptions last week, and he still doesn’t have a touchdown this season. Eric Decker may be out for an extended period of time, so Marshall needs to produce. By no means am I writing him off, but we need a huge game from the Brandon Marshall we really know.

Lastly, Ryan Fitzpatrick threw 6 interceptions last week. The team as a whole turned the ball over 8 times. You will never win a game with a stat line like that. They lost the turnover battle brutally, and it was the number 1 reason they lost. I sound like a broken record, but you can not turn the ball over in the national football league. The Seahawks’ defense is one of the best in football. They will make Ryan Fitzpatrick pay. He needs to make better decisions if the Jets want to win this football game.

Keys to victory 

  1. Cash in on redzone opportunities
  2. Establish a run game
  3. Defensive line get to Russell Wilson
  4. More production from Brandon Marshall
  5. Limit turnovers

The Jets need to take advantage of being the home team, and stick it to the Seahawks. The Seahawks have been one of the most successful teams the past 4 or 5 years. They are 2-1 this year, but they do not look right. Russell Wilson might be playing injured. In order to move in the right direction on a schedule that does not get any easier, this is a game the Jets have to have.


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