Keys for the Jets to be victorious against the Pittsburgh Steelers

As the first quarter of the season has progressed, the Jets are slowly slipping. They suffered yet again another loss last Sunday to the Seahawks to fall to 1-3. If the Jets drop this game against the Steelers, fans are going to cheer for the number 1 overall draft pick. Maybe that’s what they need, but for now here are the keys for the Jets to pick up a very difficult win against the Steelers.

To start off, they need to get to the quarterback. Last week, Russell Wilson was way to comfortable playing on a bad knee, and seemed to never throw an incomplete pass. The Jets secondary is weak this year. The defense is built around the line, and they have shown they can be a force. We saw in week 1 where the defensive line was constantly getting to Andy Dalton. If they let Ben Rothlisberger sit in the pocket, they’ll be starting the buses early on Sunday. The defensive line needs to be strong on Sunday, especially with a very explosive Pittsburgh Steelers offense.

Another major flaw so far for the Jets this year has been the inability of the secondary to cover receivers. It seems like there has been busted coverages all over the field. They are constantly getting beat deep, and not giving the team a chance to win. It looks like Darrelle Revis will not be playing Sunday, so someone has to step up and cover Antonio Brown. Brown is the best receiver in the league, and he looks like he could go for 300 yards this week. Maybe a guy like Buster Skrine could shut him down, but the reality is this secondary looks like one of the worst in the league. They need to make some plays if we want to see the Jets start winning some ball games.

I think another key for this game is to utilize Bilal Powell in the passing game. Last season, it seemed like Ryan Fitzpatrick was at his best when he was able to dunk passes off to Bilal Powell, to keep the ball moving forward. Powell proved to be a very good receiving back in 2015. When the Jets had a nice touchdown drive to end the first half against the Seahawks, we saw Powell with a few receptions. Especially with the injury to Eric Decker, the receiving game needs more from Powell. It’s up to Fitzpatrick to find him, and I think he is at his best when he’s able to pass the ball to Powell.

Austin Seferian- Jenkins may be set to make his Jet debut Sunday. First off, he needs to clean up his act off the field. Some question the Jets signing him this soon after his problems, but I’m not going to get into that. The reality is, he is a Jet and proved that he could be a solid tight end when he was on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Jets have not had production out of their tight ends over the last 2 years. It’s time to change that with Seferian- Jenkins. Tight ends are go- to guys on many teams, but Ryan Fitzpatrick has never had that luxury with the Jets. Seferian- Jenkins has some talent, so the Jets should utilize that to get the passing game going.

We all know what the final key is. They need to win the turnover battle. It’s not going to be easy, but they need to find a way. The defense has not forced many turnovers this year, and as a result the offense has not had good field position. Ryan Fitzpatrick also has thrown 9 interceptions in the last 2 games. I’d like to see them change that. If they win the turnover battle in this one, they will have a great chance to win the game. Pittsburgh’s offense is phenomenal. The Jets need to lock them down, and that starts with winning the turnover battle. Turnovers are the number 1 reason the Jets are in such a deep whole to start the season.

Keys to victory 

  1. Rush the quarterback
  2. Stop with the busted coverages
  3. Get Bilal Powell involved in the passing game
  4. Utilize Austin Seferian- Jenkins (If he’s active)
  5. Find a way to win the turnover battle

Jets fans are seeing their season flash right before their eyes. We all knew their schedule was tough, but the way they have played is surprising. It looked like they had really good personnel going into the season. If they win this game, it will be a huge win, especially as their schedule will start to get a little easier. If they lose, the season will be looking like a lost year, and one to forget. They have only won 1 game in Pittsburgh in their franchise history, which was led by Mark Sanchez. Maybe they will make it 2 Sunday.


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