Keys for the Jets to be victorious against the Arizona Cardinals

The Jets are not where they want to be through their first 5 games with a 1-4 record. A start like that is tough to overcome in the NFL, but we have seen teams lose 3 in a row as well as win 3 in a row. Starting Monday night, the Jets have to rattle off a streak if they want to be in the playoff hunt in late November. Here are the Jets’ keys to victory against the Cardinals.

We are in our second year with Todd Bowles at head coach and Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback. It seems the team is at their best when the game is in their control. In other words, they do not seem to make many adjustments throughout a game. That is something this team really needs to work on. The reality is it is one of their major weaknesses. They need to come off to a hot start in Arizona on Monday. Arizona is struggling as well, with higher expectations than the Jets coming into the season. If the Jets could put some pressure on them early, they could be successful in this game. How about a nice 2 score lead for the Jets after the 1st quarter?

Their secondary has looked awful. There seems to be blown coverage at least once a game resulting in a touchdown. The defense is supposed to be big time for the Jets. I know Darrelle Revis is getting older, but to gain some momentum in this game the secondary has to make some plays. Picking the ball off is one thing, but they need to force Carson Palmer to throw some incompletions and rattle his confidence. He has a strong arm, and you know he will look to shred the Jets’ secondary, just like every other team thus far.

With Eric Decker going down for the year with a torn rotator cuff, we need some other wide receivers to step up. Quincy Enunwa has made tremendous strides this year. We know what we’re going to get from Brandon Marshall, but teams will start to double cover him if he’s the Jets’ only option. Decker was such a great go to guy. For the rest of the year, that needs to be Enunwa. If he proves he can be a solid number 2 receiver, the Jets could find some success in the passing game.

The defensive line needs to play a lot better. They are letting the opposing quarterback write a book in the pocket. Week 1 against the Bengals they looked great, but they are giving the quarterback all day to throw now. Out of all areas on the Jets, the most talent is on their defensive line. They have underachieved big time this year. The secondary is struggling, but the defensive line his not helping. They need to put some pressure on the slow footed Palmer, and maybe they will find a way to win this game.

The 5th key is usually to win the turnover battle, but I’m done discussing that because the reality is this defense does not force turnovers. On the other hand, they need to go back to Rex Ryan’s ground and pound. Yes, I just mentioned a Rex Ryan strategy. Ryan Fitzpatrick is not a quarterback who will single handedly win a game. If the Jets can establish a run game against the Cardinals, then Fitzpatrick can start making some plays. I think they miss giving the load to Chris Ivory, but Matt Forte is a very good running back. They have abandoned the run game numerous times. They need to play a patient game and not panic, and that starts with the head coach, Todd Bowles.

Keys to victory

  1. Set the tone early
  2. Secondary needs to make some plays
  3. Quincy Enunwa needs to fill Eric Decker’s shoes
  4. Put some pressure on Carson Palmer
  5. Establish a run game

If the Jets win this game, it could save their season. They have some very winnable games in the upcoming weeks. Fans can’t use their schedule as an excuse for their 1-4 record. In the NFL, you have to beat some good teams. The Jets need to steal this game, and go from there. It won’t be easy on the road on Monday night, but for some reason I have a feeling they are going to win this game. They need to play Jet football.


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