Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees: Who will retire 1st?

Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers are 3 of the best quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen. The 3 future Hall of Famers have each won a Super Bowl as well as a Super Bowl MVP. The amount of accomplishments the 3 have endured are remarkable, and their careers are not yet over. But, as we see in all sports, players can’t play forever. Here’s the order in which I think the 3 will retire.

I think Drew Brees will be the first of the 3 to retire. At age 37, Brees is under contract until 2017, and I could see him hanging up the cleats when that is complete. The New Orleans Saints are in a somewhat rebuilding mode. Brees is great to have in the locker room, but at his age, he probably wants to win now. The funny thing is, he does not appear to be slowing down statistically. We saw Peyton Manning decline through the last few years, and we knew he’d retire soon. Brees is still at the top of his game, so if he decides to continue to play after his contract is up, the Saints will have a big decision to make. If not, he would likely sign with a Super Bowl contender. Still, out of these 3, I see him retiring 1st.

Next, I think Tom Brady would retire. I have no clue when that day would be though. Even at age 39, he is still the best quarterback in the NFL. The 4 time Super Bowl champion leads the Patriots to the playoffs consistently, and they seem to be the favorite to win it all every year. He will retire a Patriot as far as I’m concerned, and they will probably keep signing deals with him until he says otherwise. He has shown no signs of slowing down, and he seems to be in great shape for someone who is almost 40. The way this guy plays, I could honestly see him play for at least another 4 to 5 years. It’s hard to imagine someone quarterbacking an NFL team in their mid 40’s, but if anyone can do it, it’s Tom Brady. I can’t even picture the day Tom Brady retires.

Finally, I think Aaron Rodgers will be the last of these 3 to retire. He has an edge on the 2 because he is still only 32. But, in the NFL, once you reach your 30’s, many times we see players decline. There are also players like Calvin Johnson and Marshawn Lynch, who retire at pretty elite levels around their early 30’s. Football can be grueling on the body, and many times players retire on top. I could see Rodgers doing that, but right now he looks great. I could also see him being like Tom Brady, and still play when he’s close to 40. His numbers are taking a slight dip, but that might be due to the team around him. I think he’s still the 2nd best quarterback in the league, and still has many years left in him. Right now, I know he just wants to win.

It is impossible to predict when someone will decide to retire. However, this is the order I see these 3 elite quarterbacks retiring in. The reason I chose these 3 are because they have a lot in common in terms of success. No one can predict if someone has a falling out with a team and a contract, but I see the 3 of them retiring with the team they are currently on. For now, enjoy the greatness of these 3. They have brought so much to the game of football. I just wonder when they will finally hang up the cleats.


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