Most intriguing matchup to watch between the Jets and Dolphins

It seems like since Rex Ryan was fired, Jets players have not hit the papers throughout the weeks leading up to a game with any guarantees or choice words of their opponent. That was until this week when Brandon Marshall expressed his feelings about Dolphins cornerback Byron Maxwell.

“I played against him last year and he just held every single play,” Marshall said according to ESPN. “They traded for him to stop me, so I’m excited for this matchup.”

Marshall even called the trade of Maxwell “a great trade for the Eagles,” the team that traded Maxwell in the offseason. “I don’t know him, but I don’t like him.”

This used to be the culture when Rex Ryan was the coach. The team would call out their opponents, say negative things about them, and it was led by Ryan, especially when they played Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

“Did I hold him every play? No. I never hold,” Maxwell said according to ESPN. “I might be doing something right now, huh?”

Maxwell also acknowledged that he has to stay focused in order for the Dolphins to pick up a win.

What may add to this is that it is Brandon Marshall’s first time back playing at the Miami Dolphins, since he was traded to the Bears in 2012, after playing with the Dolphins from 2010-2011. Emotions are high, and Marshall wants a win. It was interesting to see him attack Byron Maxwell, and this makes for an exciting matchup. I’m sure they will go at it, and we might even see some shoving and trash talking. There had to be a way to build up a matchup of a 3-5 team against a 3-4 team, that actually is a very big game for both teams.  I know Marshall wants nothing more than a Jet team victory, and to show the Dolphins that they should have never traded him. I think he will win this battle, but he has to put his money where his mouth is. If not, he will have some explaining to do.


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