Will the Giants Have What it Takes to Win in Green Bay?

Well the Jets season was less than impressive, however there is one New York team in the playoffs and that would be the Giants.  Since I am actually a Giants fan (our main writer is a Jets fan) I figured I would do a special on their match up with the Green Bay Packers in the first round of the playoffs.  In my opinion these are the two hottest teams in the NFL (other than New England who was just great all season) and I believe the winner of this game is going to end up winning the NFC.  Ultimately it Is the hottest quarterback against the hottest defense.

Aaron Rodgers has been nothing short of spectacular over the last 7 games throwing 18 touchdowns and zero interceptions.  I my opinion he is the best quarterback in the league (also I hate Tom Brady, like most people not from New England).  While Green Bay is favored by 4.5 points currently I believe this game will be extremely close.  Potentially being won on a last second field goal.

If the Giants are going to win this game, it’s going to come down to their line plan.  On defense, can Olivier Vernon and Damon Harrison keep Aaron Rodgers in the pocket and prevent him from extending plays?  Ultimately, they will need to get pressure on him with their front four to limit his play-making ability.  The Giants secondary may very well be the best in the league, but given enough time Rodgers will find someone to throw to against any defense.

On offense, can the line give Eli enough time to find Beckham against a depleted Green Bay secondary?  Green Bay is short on corner backs, their secondary plagued with injuries. This obviously gives the Giants talented reliever trio a favorable match-up.  If they must resort to a safety covering Cruz or Shepard, as they did in week 17 against Detroit, this could create a ton of opportunities.  Without a strong corner to match-up with Beckham (honestly not many can, just ask Josh Norman) I would expect a lot of safety help on Beckham. A lot of 2 deep safety looks can be expected as well to respect the big play making ability of Beckham and to help out the depleted secondary.

A banged up secondary and a pass heavy Giants offense will keep the Packers linebackers and safeties deep.  Again, the offensive line of the Giants will need to step up.  If the offensive line can run block this can give Perkins and Jennings big opportunities in the run game.  The Giants running game has shown signs of improvement over the last three games and if the pass game can keep the Green bay defense away from the line of scrimmage, it could give the Giants run game some big openings.  This especially could play to the Giants advantage with game temps excepted to be in the single digits

I can’t wait for this game.  I fully expect a hard-fought battle.  Ultimately, I see the Giants defense stepping up and holding Green Bay to field goals.  The Giants win 17-16 on a game winning field goal in another game for the ages.

Let us know what you think about this match-up and who you think wins it in the comments below!


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