Mike’s Super Bowl 51 Breakdown

Super Bowl 51 has the makings to be an all time classic. 2 of the best offenses in the NFL square off in a matchup that many expect to be very high scoring. A quarterback with all the Super Bowl experience in Tom Brady takes on a guy in Matt Ryan who is preparing for his first ever Super Bowl appearance.

How the Falcons can win:

The Atlanta Falcons are coming off of a very impressive win against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship. In this game, the Atlanta defense impressed many, holding the Green Bay offense to 0 points in the first half, leading to a 44-21 dominating Falcon win. Going into the playoffs, everyone knew the Falcons offense could score points in bunches, but now their defense is starting to hold up, making them a very dangerous opponent for the Patriots. My x-factor for the Falcons is Vic Beasley. The NFL’s leader in sacks, he will need to lead the Falcons defense against a very tough Patriots offense. It is very tough to beat Tom Brady and the Patriots. 1 way to slow down Brady is by applying pressure on him. Who better to get pressure on Brady than the NFL leader in sacks? By putting pressure on Brady, it can get him off of his game if he gets hurried quick, resulting in him accepting the sack or throwing the ball away. For the Falcons, we all know their offense can score. If they want to find success in the Super Bowl, they need to find a way to stop Tom Brady by applying pressure on him, led by Vic Beasley.

How the Patriots can win:

Yet again, the New England Patriots are in another Super Bowl. Their 7th with Tom Brady at quarterback, with a 4-2 record. What makes the Patriots so tough is their ability to get the most out of every player. Look at guys like Chris Hogan and Dion Lewis, 2 players who have come up big for the Patriots in the playoffs. It doesn’t matter what personnel they have. As long as Tom Brady is the quarterback and Bill Belichick is the coach, the team will find success. The team just finds a way to get it done. They pretty much cruised through the AFC to the Super Bowl, and are the favorites in this matchup. My x-factor for the Patriots is Malcolm Butler. Butler, who is the Patriots number 1 cornerback is known for his game clinching interception on Russell Wilson in Super Bowl 49. In this game, it appears he will be tasked with Julio Jones. If he can find a way to shut down Jones, that would take away a major element in the Falcons offense. Just like the Falcons, we expect the Patriots to put up points in this game with no problem. It all comes down to if their defense, which has been solid all year, can hold up against one of the best offenses in football. Their secondary has to lock down these Falcons receivers, and if they do, they should be victorious in this one. I think if Julio Jones has less than 5 catches, the Falcons will lose the game. I’m sure Malcolm Butler is up for the task, but so is Julio Jones.

And the winner is…?

This matchup should be exciting. It is headlined by the 2 quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Matt Ryan. 2 MVP candidates, they both will have their way in this one. However, it will all come down to which quarterback makes a mistake. Tom Brady has the experience, but I’m going with Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons in this one. They have been the most impressive team in the playoffs, and showed me a lot when they contained Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. I think the Falcons defense, which has been playing solid football of late, will find a way to get to Tom Brady, leading to victory. I don’t think the game will be as high scoring as people say, with both defenses playing great football in the playoffs. I’ll say Falcons 27, Patriots 24. Not only do I think Matt Ryan will be lifting the Lombardi trophy after this one, but I believe he will also win Super Bowl MVP. As for the Patriots, I expect them to be back next season. I predict Super Bowl 51 will be a classic, and each team has a great chance to win this game.



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