3 Sleeper teams that could make some noise in the 2017 NCAA Basketball Tournament

It’s March!! It’s that time of the year again when brackets get busted. A time full of excitement and surprise, March Madness gets more unpredictable every year. Here are 3 teams that are currently under the radar, but could definitely make some noise during the 2017 tournament.

3. UNC Wilmington

UNC Wilmington won the CAA regular season title, as well as the tournament, finishing the season with a record of 29-5. Lead by Senior Chris Flemmings and Sophomore CJ Bryce, the team likes to shoot the 3 ball, which can really jumpstart their offense. They also play very tough defense, with the ability to execute a quality press that could give teams some trouble. They are a 12 seed, and many of their players have tournament experience, after losing to Duke in last year’s tournament 93-85, and leading at half time. This team could make some noise in the tournament, and will be a very tough out as a 12 seed. Watch out for UNC Wilmington.

2. Middle Tennessee  

With players who have tournament experience, this team shocked the world last year when they upset 2 seed Michigan State in the 1st round last year as a 15 seed. Watch out for the Middle Tennessee, now a 12 seed, as some of their core players are upper classmen. Teams with players who have been playing together for a while tend to find success, even vs power 5 conference teams. Some think Middle Tennessee could make even more noise this year than last year, and it all starts with their experience working together.

1. Michigan

Maybe not a surprise after they won the Big 10 championship, but Michigan is one of the hottest teams in the country. In the Big 10 tournament, they got through 2 of the best teams in the Big 10 in Purdue and Wisconsin, leading to their championship run. They are playing team oriented basketball, and have the ability to make a deep run as a 7 seed. With some upsets that are very possible, they could find themselves in the elite 8. Anything can happen, and we’ve seen teams like UConn win their conference tournament, not as the favorite, and going on to win the National Championship. Watch out for Michigan, as we’ve seen this story before.



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