May the 4th: New York Mets edition

We’re a little over a month into the MLB season, and the Mets, who had high expectations going into the season, currently sit towards the bottom of the NL East. With plenty of baseball still to be played, and as we celebrate “May the 4th,” or Star Wars day, the Mets will need to pull off something the Rebels accomplished in defeating the Empire in Star Wars to get ahead of the Nationals. At this point, the Mets are underdogs, just like the Rebels. Here’s a few Mets who fit the roles of Star Wars characters.

Terry Collins- Yoda

Yoda is the wisest of the Jedi, and saw so much in his life. Much like that, Terry Collins, now age 67, has been around baseball much longer than many people amongst the Mets organization. Love him or hate him, it is Collins’ job to lead the Mets as manager, with wise teachings if this team is going to make a push for the division title. If he makes the right moves when the galaxy is falling like Yoda, this team will have a chance.

David Wright- Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)

David Wright may never play another baseball game, and right now he is on the DL. But, like Obi- Wan Kenobi, David Wright is the leader of this team. Kenobi teaches young Luke Skywalker, and Wright needs to teach the younger players on this team to be more disciplined. If he can get back healthy on the field, it would be a huge edition to the Mets clubhouse, because he is the leader. Like Kenobi, Wright has also been through and seen a lot, so his experience is very important to this team. Both very honorable men, they share a lot of similar characteristics. Kenobi saw the Clone Wars, while Wright was with the Mets in the mid 2000s when they were not very good. But, he knows what it takes to win, much like when the team found success in 2006.

Michael Conforto- Luke Skywalker

Like when the Jedi were wiped out, the same is happening with the Mets as some of their core players continue to land on the DL with injuries. With the Mets best hitter Yoenis Cespedes on the DL, of late Michael Conforto has been the Mets best hitter. Much like Luke Skywalker, to Mets fans Conforto is their last hope. If he can achieve what Luke Skywalker did in defeating the Empire, the Mets will at least have a shot to make a playoff run as their roster regains health. Then, Conforto can show others the way of winning baseball, like Skywalker does with the force.

Asdrubal Cabrera- Han Solo 

Han Solo is the best pilot in the galaxy, and at times Asdrubal Cabrera is one of the Mets best hitters. He tends to be clutch, and even when the odds are against him, he has succeeded much like Han Solo. With a smooth ability and looking like a natural at what he does, Cabrera and Solo have a lot in common. Solo played a huge part for the Rebels in defeating the Empire, and that’s what Asdrubal Cabrera has do if the Mets are going to make a run at the Nationals.

Jose Reyes- Chewbacca

While Chewbacca is the best co-pilot in the galaxy, Jose Reyes is very important to the Mets as he brings a lot of energy to the team with his speed. Jose Reyes has been with the team for some time, and made his return to the Mets after taking a hiatus with the Marlins, Blue Jays, and Rockies for a few seasons. But his best days will be remembered with the Mets. Reyes knows what winning a World Series would mean to this fanbase, much like what Chewbacca fought for against the Empire.

Jacob deGrom- Princess Leia 

Princess Leia is someone who just wants peace in the galaxy, and will do anything for her Rebel colleagues. Like Princess Leia, deGrom is very under the radar, and some forget just how talented he is. If the Mets are going to make a playoff run, deGrom will have to be the leader of the Mets pitching staff, just like Princess Leia led the Rebels. Both are team players, and both are very good at what they do. deGrom to some has always been the Mets best pitcher.

The team standing in the way of what the Mets want to accomplish is the Washington Nationals, who to the Mets are the Empire. While the Mets are now underdogs in the fight, they will need to somehow get past the Nationals, just like when the Rebels took down the Empire. 

Bryce Harper- The Sith Lord

Bryce Harper is the Nationals best player, and the Mets worst nightmare. Much like the Sith Lord with all his powers, he is standing right in the way of the Rebels. The Mets have to find ways to pitch around him, but it’s so hard as the Nationals have a lot of good players. Like the Sith Lord, it’s almost impossible for the Mets to avoid Harper. But, can the Rebel Mets take down the Nationals Empire?

Daniel Murphy- Darth Vader

Seduced to the dark side like Anakin Skywalker who turns into Darth Vader, Murphy once went on tear and led the Mets to the 2015 National League Pennant. But, he’s now playing for the other guys, and gives the Mets a hard time every time they play the Nationals. Many Mets fans would agree it’d be nice if the Mets could bring Murphy back to the light side like when Darth Vader was redeemed by his son, but right now it does not seem likely. Someone who did so much for the Mets like Anakin Skywalker and the Jedi Order, is now the team’s enemy, thriving every time he plays them.

Whether the Mets could make a run for the NL East Division crown remains to be seen, but it is clear they will have to get through the Nationals, who are playing phenomenal baseball. If the Mets players fit the roles of their Star Wars comparisons, they will have a shot. Like the Rebels, the Mets need to be built on belief and hope. If that happens, this team could make some noise come September and October.


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