Mets post game notes and thoughts (7/18)

The tone was set early in this one when the Mets defense made key errors that put Rafael Montero in a tough spot. The team’s lack of range on the left side of the infield led by Jose Reyes and TJ Rivera proved costly, as these two made errors in the first two innings that really showed us the direction the game was going to go in. The Mets lost this game 5-0, and the effort clearly wasn’t there.

To add to the poor defensive showing, the Mets offense was dominated by Michael Wacha, who pitched a complete game shutout. For whatever reason, over their last 5 meetings this season, the Cardinals pitching has dominated a Mets offense that has not been terrible for most of the season. The Mets did not put any pressure on Wacha, and he cruised against an offense that has veteran players that many can argue really appear to be mailing it in. The Met offense never showed a sense of urgency to chip away. After 2 innings, any fan could have predicted the outcome of tonight’s game, and it was only 4-0. The Mets finished the game with the same amount of hits and errors (3), and consistently put together poor at-bats. Of those 3 hits, Michael Conforto had 2 of them.

On the bright side, Rafael Montero pitched a solid game in which he got help from nobody. He went 6 innings, allowing 4 runs but only 2 of them were earned. Over his last few starts, Montero has shown improvements to a fanbase that is not exactly fond of him.

At the end of the day, tonight’s game was just another Met loss where they got off to a poor start, and did not show any spark to mount a comeback. The team is now 41-50, and have dropped 3 in a row. They’re not giving fans much to cheer about, and it’s fair to question their effort. Fans are waiting for the team to go on a big 8-10 game winning streak that simply isn’t going to happen. The Mets are making the question of whether they should be buyers or sellers much easier with their poor play. But, there is excitement for tomorrow’s game as Jacob deGrom will be taking the mound.

Question to sleep on:

After a preformance like tonight’s, what draw is there for any fan to attend a game for the rest of the season?


2 thoughts on “Mets post game notes and thoughts (7/18)

  1. To your point yes you are right. Why? Should anyone show up at Citi Field to watch them. But there is an even bigger issue. Trying to draw fans to stadiums and watch baseball period, seems like that age old adage is back again baseball is boring. Too slow not enough excitement and yes this could be One sided as the Mets are not doing well. But the subject was brought up yet again on Mike and Mike on ESPN didn’t offer any solutions didn’t tell us anything new, but one has to wonder? Do we really want to sit in an open air venue get sunburned, sweat only to watch our beloved Mets loose again

  2. IMO, there are just too many games in a season and not enough playoff teams. Here we are in mid July and half the league is eliminated. Of course the high expectations coming into the season for the Mets certainly didnt help

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