Like it or not, Asdrubal Cabrera could still be a Member of the Mets in 2018

It’s after the 4PM July 31st trade deadline, and the Mets have held onto Asdrubal Cabrera, after much speculation that he would be dealt. While fans were looking for him to be dealt, I would not rule out the Mets picking up Cabrera’s 3rd year option, setting up a 2018 return. Also remember that a deal could be made during the August 31st waiver deadline.

At age 31 and a player who’s slowing down in terms of his fielding ability, Asdrubal Cabrera has been used as a utility player with the Mets this season, appearing in games at shortstop, 3rd base, and 2nd base. But, given the fact that the Mets are set to call up one of their top prospects in Amed Rosario soon, why would the Mets pick up Cabrera’s 3rd year option?

Let’s clear this up, fans want this Mets team to clean house, and rightly so with the uncertainty of if the team would be able to retain these players as they are playing in the final years of their contracts. But hold on a second, this team still has a solid core with potential. The Mets traded Lucas Duda, clearing the way for the team to call up Dominic Smith to play 1st base, which fans are also waiting for. Now, with Amed Rosario on his way to the big leagues, there still could be room on the roster for Cabrera.

Cabrera still has a decent bat, and with his ability to play multiple positions (well, not great, but competent), the Mets absolutely should consider bringing him back. But, not to be in the way of Amed Rosario, but instead be the veteran of an infield that could look a lot different next year. Who knows what Neil Walker’s decision will be in free agency, so after that, the team will have Amed Rosario at shortstop and Dominic Smith at 1st base, but the infield would still have holes. Wilmer Flores deserves a shot, as does TJ Rivera. But, these two players are weak fielders, who are hot and cold at the plate. You want to see them start everyday, but they don’t take advantage of the opportunity. They both have been great off the bench.

So, if Neil Walker and Jose Reyes are gone after the season, to me it makes perfect sense to keep Asdrubal Cabrera, if he doesn’t mind being a bench/utility player. We know players get injured, and I’m sure fans would be wishing they had Asdrubal Cabrera off the bench if someone gets hurt. I get that fans want the team to get younger, and I agree that Smith and Rosario are the future. But, fans seem to be looking to let go of the Mets’ 4 starting infielders in 2017 to stay out of the way of Rosario and Smith. If the Mets lose all their veterans, they will have a lack of depth in their infield. Having depth is a good thing, and keeping Asdrubal Cabrera as a utility player would give the Mets more depth, like it or not in 2018. Unless the team has their eyes set on other free agent infielders this offseason, infield will end up being a major hole on the Mets roster. So, I would not rule out Asdrubal Cabrera being a Met in 2018, and he could also be trade bait next deadline if he has a better season.


One thought on “Like it or not, Asdrubal Cabrera could still be a Member of the Mets in 2018

  1. what about dw5? is it assumed that he is done for good? you think AC13 will really be happy being a bench guy here?

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