They haven’t made any moves yet, but the offseason has treated the Mets somewhat kindly so far

Throughout last week, the Miami Marlins reportedly traded two of their best players. They sent Dee Gordon to the Seattle Mariners, and Giancarlo Stanton to the New York Yankees. These two players were Mets killers, and these moves actually benefit the Mets.

Both players had field days whenever they took on the Mets. During his career, Gordon is hitting .325 against the Mets, with 82 hits and 2 of his 11 career home runs against the team. For whatever reason, it always seemed like he would be up in a big spot and come through for a clutch hit. The speedy second basemen also had 20 stolen bases against the Mets. So, when the Marlins sent him to Seattle, this was actually a move the Mets should benefit from, as they’ll rarely every face Gordon now.

For Stanton, he had his best career numbers of any team against the Mets. He had 35 home runs, and 81 RBI’s against the Mets in 108 games. While Mets fans are probably jealous that the Yankees got another big time player, this is another move the Mets can actually benefit from. They’ll still face Stanton every season as they face the Yankees 4-6 times a year. But, that’s still better than squaring off with him 17-18 times a year.

Whenever big named players get traded, fans of a team always wish their team got that player. For the Mets, Dee Gordon seemed like a realistic player they could acquire. Well, they did not, nor were they ever in the running for Giancarlo Stanton. It may be frustrating to Mets fans that the big brother team in New York acquired the 2017 MVP, but not having to face him as many times every season is big for the Mets.

So, while the Mets have had a very quiet offseason so far (to no one’s surprise), they actually had a good week as two players that absolutely owned the Mets are now no longer in the NL East. This also makes the Mets the only competition with the Nationals for the NL East title in what is a very weak division. The division was already weak, but the talent level is now even worse after these moves by the Marlins. But, this gives the Mets a better opportunity to succeed, although, they still have a long way to go. The Mets could finish in second place in the NL East in 2018, and be 10-15 games under .500. Barring any big moves, the NL East should be one of the worst divisions in baseball.

All stats via Baseball-Reference.


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