Making the Case For Which QB is the Best Fit For the Jets to Draft: Josh Allen Edition

First, we touched upon how Baker Mayfield would fit for the Jets. Now, it’s time to talk about a quarterback that most fans don’t seem to want gang green to draft; Josh Allen. There have been draft experts who project Allen to go number one overall to the Cleveland Browns, but let’s assume he’s still available for the Jets when they’re on the clock at 3.

Allen has a lot of positive traits that could lead to him having a successful NFL career, but first, let’s briefly touch upon the negatives.

Arguably the number one knock on Allen is his career completion percentage in college. His career completion percentage in college is just a little over 56 percent. Is this concerning? Absolutely. We also need to take a look at the weak competition Allen has faced. Playing his college football at Wyoming in the Mountain West Conference, he didn’t exactly face elite defenses. So, what’s to expect of Allen when he starts taking on NFL defenses? Who knows, but there are a lot of strengths Allen has that could make him worth the pick.

To start, Allen has NFL arm strength. His ability to throw the deep ball is his bread and butter, and this is a very important skill to have for NFL quarterbacks. In addition to his arm strength, he can also thread the needle on passes. NFL cornerbacks are quick and cover wide receivers exceptionally. Allen’s ability to fire the ball in a tight window could make him a nightmare for opposing cornerbacks in the upcoming years. And lastly, when we look at his competition percentage, it’s rarely mentioned that the team he played on in college wasn’t exactly a dominant squad. Obviously Allen’s numbers won’t be as good, given his offensive line and wide receivers that don’t have the skill set of future NFL players.

Another thing to love about Allen is his size. At 6 foot 5, Allen has the body frame to withstand hits of NFL pass rushers. Plus, he has the ability to shake off sacks and keep plays alive because of his big body size. Love him or hate him, he looks like an NFL quarterback.

Where Josh Allen ends up in the draft will be interesting to see. As mentioned earlier, he could go number one overall. He also could fall to number 11 where the Miami Dolphins sit or number 12 where the Buffalo Bills pick. Of course, it depends on the needs of teams. If he somehow is passed up on by the Denver Broncos (who could draft a quarterback) at number 5, expect him to fall in the draft to the Dolphins or Bills. You know the Bills are eyeballing a quarterback, so they certainly hope that’s the case.

Coming from Wyoming to the big lights in New York could be tough for Allen. But, there’s a lot to like about him. Of course, going to the Jets is actually an appealing situation for any young quarterback because they have Josh McCown and Teddy Bridgewater, which means Allen could sit for maybe 10 games to a year. It looks as though he’s the type of quarterback that needs to sit for a year to learn the NFL. Do the Jets really want to go down that path again? Does Christian Hackenberg ring a bell?

But, don’t be surprised if Josh Allen has a solid NFL career. We’re seeing a trend in college football where you don’t have to go to powerhouse schools to be top draft prospects. Just remember, Carson Wentz went to North Dakota State. That’s not a power house school. In Wentz’s college career, he threw 45 touchdown passes. In Josh Allen’s college career, he threw 44 touchdown passes.

Josh Allen is not the most exciting draft prospect, but as long as he works on improving his completion percentage, he could be on his way to a fine NFL career. It will be a grind though, and it won’t be easy. The talent is certainly there.


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