Making the Case For Which QB is the Best Fit For the Jets to Draft: Josh Rosen Edition

We’ve analyzed how Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen would fit the Jets. Now, it’s time to take a look at Josh Rosen, and see if he would be an ideal fit for the Jets.

It seems highly unlikely that Rosen will be drafted number one overall by the Cleveland Browns or number two overall by the New York Giants. That means, he will most likely still be available when the Jets are on the clock at three.

A lot of Jets fans seem to be on the Josh Rosen bandwagon, and would love to see him wearing green and white in 2018. But first, let’s take a look at some of the questions surrounding Rosen that will leave teams wondering whether they should draft him or stay away from him.

To start, Rosen isn’t the most mobile quarterback. Once a play is blown up and he needs to extend it outside of the pocket, that’s where he starts to struggle. Some of the best quarterbacks in the NFL like Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson are masterful at working outside of the pocket. Rosen will need to work on that if he wants to succeed at the next level. The other knock on Rosen is his passion. Some are questioning whether he truly wants to be an NFL player. This certainly would be a red flag for teams as they look at the potential in Rosen. The skill is there, but he needs to show that he wants to play in the NFL, as it will be his life.

On the positive side, arguably no quarterback in the upcoming draft is more textbook than Rosen. He has terrific mechanics, and is a very smart football player. While he doesn’t have a great arm, Rosen is still a very accurate passer. With his 6 foot 4 height, Rosen looks like an NFL quarterback. Plus, what’s not to love about when he led UCLA on a historic comeback against Texas A&M? In that game, Rosen led UCLA to 35 unanswered points as they took down Texas A&M 45-44. In that game, Rosen had 491 passing yards and tossed four touchdowns.

Another encouraging sign about Rosen is his experience. While injuries have been a major concern, Rosen has been the starting quarterback at UCLA since his freshman year in 2015. NFL teams certainly like seeing that.

But at the same time, unlike someone like Baker Mayfield, Rosen has always been the best. There will certainly be questions as to how he handles adversity in the NFL. Of course, nothing is going to be handed to him, and there will be growing pains. How he recovers from adversity will be interesting to see, and certainly something to note when considering to draft him.

Rosen to the Jets seems like a strong possibility given their draft position. There’s a lot to like about him. Of course, like any draft prospect, there are negatives to look at and consider before drafting him. The last thing the Jets need is a head case, as this is one of the most important drafts in franchise history.

Could Josh Rosen be the one to save the struggling franchise that is the New York Jets? We know he can play, as he is a terrific talent. He just needs to show that he wants to play. As simple as that sounds, passion seems to be Rosen’s biggest enemy.


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