Ryan Fitzpatrick’s small legacy with the Jets

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What a difference a year makes for the Jets. At this time last year, many fans just wanted them to resign Ryan Fitzpatrick, who surprisingly led the Jets just 1 win shy of a playoff berth, leading the team to a 10-6 record. The team was full of older players including Brandon Marshall and Darrelle Revis, and the feeling was to resign Fitzpatrick with the hopes of making a deep playoff run in 2016.

During the 2015 season, Ryan Fitzpatrick set the Jets single season record for touchdown passes in a season (31), so it seemed critical for the team to resign him. The Jets realistically have not had a consistent franchise quarterback since Joe Namath. The hope with Ryan Fitzpatrick was that he would win games with dangerous weapons around him and a tough defense. Well, 2016 was nothing but a disaster for the team, and to conclude, Ryan Fitzpatrick is now a backup quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers here in 2017.

But, 2015 was just another tease for Jets fans. A year where there was little expectations, but the results were off the charts to the passionate fan. Geno Smith was supposed to be the 2015 starting quarterback, but that fell apart when IK Enemkpali, a teammate to Smith, punched him in the face and broke his jaw. In comes a career journeymen who has always been that bridge quarterback. Never the guy that a team felt would be their longterm answer, but a guy who could win a game if needed. So, Jets fans had low hopes.

Move forward to December 27th, 2016. The Jets were taking on the Patriots, who always seem to be in the way. At the time, the Jets were 9-5, and in contention for a Wild Card spot, surprisingly to many Jets fans. A battle back and forth, the game went to overtime with the score tied 20-20. After the Patriots decided to defer and let the Jets receive for whatever reason, the Jets would get the ball first. That’s all Ryan Fitzpatrick needed. The drive got going when Fitzpatrick hit Quincy Enunwa for a 48 yard reception. After, a 20 yard reception by Brandon Marshall, Fitzpatrick hit Eric Decker in the endzone for the game winner. The Meadowlands (which I happened to be at that day), was rocking. As that happened, the Pittsburgh Steelers had lost to the Baltimore Ravens, which meant the Jets passed them for the final wild card spot. It was arguably Ryan Fitzpatrick’s best and most clutch game as a Jet, and maybe his career. He finished with 296 yards passing and 3 touchdown passes, a signature win what Jet fans would hope to be a memorable year.

The team then went into Buffalo to face the Bills led by former head coach Rex Ryan, in a win and they’re in game. The Jets were riding a 5 game win streak, but in typical Jets fashion, they laid an egg, and lost the game 22-17. The Steelers won their game, and passed the Jets for the final wild card spot. A frustrating end to what could have been one of the most surprising and exciting Jets seasons of all time.

Many Jets fans will remember 2016 for how poorly Ryan Fitzpatrick preformed. A disappointing season, the team is now in total rebuild mode, and is in contention to get the number 1 overall pick when all is said and done in 2017. People are writing the team off now, and the season hasn’t even started yet. But, the Ryan Fitzpatrick era shows why every season takes on a toll of it’s own. In 2015, the Jets were riding high. But, after a disastrous week 17 loss, the team has toppled down ever since. At the end of the day, Ryan Fitzpatrick is engraved in the Jets’ record books; with the most touchdown passes in a single season for the team. Two years later, and he is no longer a member of the Jets. Fingers have been pointed everywhere, but it’s just another chapter in the story of the New York Jets. What will the next chapter be?

All stats via NFL.com.

What signing Josh McCown means for the Jets

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As reported yesterday, the Jets signed quarterback Josh McCown to a 1 year deal. McCown, coming off of a injury plagued 2016 season with the Cleveland Browns, sits at age 37 with a team in the Jets that is clearly rebuilding. The Jets also have 2 young quarterbacks on their roster in Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg. What remains to be seen is who will be the opening week starter for a team that cut several of their high priced veterans including center Nick Mangold, wide receiver Brandon Marshall, and cornerback Darrelle Revis.

After these cuts were made, it was clear the Jets were in a total rebuild. So, why bring in Josh McCown some might ask? Realistically, bringing in McCown is to have a veteran on the quarterback staff that will compete with the 2 young guys in Petty and Hackenberg. Many would like to see the team give these 2 young quarterbacks a chance, especially after they made it clear they are starting over with a rebuild.

Something that the McCown signing might eliminate is whether the Jets will draft a quarterback with the 6th overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft. They now have 3 quarterbacks on the roster, and if they drafted another, they’d definitely have to cut at least one of them. Does that put Petty or Hackenberg on the hot seat? That might not be fair, considering Petty only started a few games last season and Hackenberg, a former 2nd round pick has yet to play in a game. There are 2 quarterbacks who have franchise quarterback potential in Deshaun Watson and Mitchell Trubisky. But, the signing of McCown might be a sign that the Jets do not have intentions of drafting either of these 2 players.

The signing of Josh McCown ultimately shows the Jets have no intentions of drafting a quarterback in the upcoming draft, and by signing him to just a 1 year deal the hope is Petty or Hackenberg will show improvements this year, or they have their eyes set on someone in the 2018 draft. Teams usually prefer to have a veteran quarterback on their team, and now the Jets have one. Some might have felt that there were better options on the market, and that might be true. But, the reality is this team is still a long ways from winning. Fans will have to show patience, as the goal for this season will have to be for the team to know exactly who Petty and Hackenberg are. With the 6th overall pick in the upcoming draft, the team does not only need a quarterback, as they have many holes on the team. McCown coming in also does not grant him the starting job. Hopefully he will be a good locker room guy, and push the two young quarterbacks in a summer competition for the starting job. The team still has many questions, and expectations seem to be low for the New York Jets in 2017. What a difference a year makes for this team.


Pros and Cons of quarterbacks the Jets should consider bringing in for 2017

2016 was a rough season for the Jets. If they don’t draft a quarterback with their 6th overall pick in the draft, here are some quarterbacks they could consider to fill the hole until they find the long term solution. Maybe it’s one of these guys.

Jay Cutler

At age 33, it seems Jay Cutler’s best years are behind him. However, the Jets may have to consider bringing him in if the price is right. Cutler still is known for having one of the better arms in football. If he could limit turnovers and just make it simple, he could be a nice fit. It seems like Cutler could potentially land with the Jets, but if he does not preform well, the New York media will give it to him. The Jets also are clearly rebuilding, so they would most likely just bring him in while they search for their franchise quarterback. Cutler has shown stints of being a solid quarterback. Maybe, a change is what he needs.

Brock Osweiler 

What a difference a year makes for Brock Osweiler. He got paid big time during the 2016 offseason, and answered with an abysmal season. He did lead the Houston Texans to a playoff win, but 2016 was a year to forget for Osweiler. He now sits on the Cleveland Browns roster, after they acquired him from the Texans, but they may end up trading him. But, would the Jets really want to eat the salary Osweiler has coming? Especially while they rebuild, it might be best to stay away from him. However, at age 26, he is a physically gifted quarterback. Maybe he just needs a fresh start. For the Jets to consider trading him, it might be in their best interest for Cleveland to keep a lot of his contract. The only logic to bringing Osweiler in would be to hope he’d compete with Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg, but the price might be too much.

Robert Griffin III

If Robert Griffin III had just been able to stay healthy, he may have a different story to tell about his NFL career. But, multiple reports say the Cleveland Browns are considering releasing Griffin after just 1 season with the team. He may not cost the Jets much to bring in, so he may be well worth it. The hope would be for him to compete in the summer, and maybe win the job. However, this team is not built to win now. They have been searching for a franchise quarterback for years, and Griffin is probably not the answer. With all the injuries he’s endured, he may not be as explosive and try to be a pocket passer. If they can bring him in at the right value, Robert Griffin III could be a decent option for the Jets while they search for the long term solution.

Trevor Siemian

Trevor Siemian had a pretty solid 2016 season with the Denver Broncos. However, he was the quarterback of the defending Super Bowl champions, and failed to lead them to the playoffs. At just 25 years old, Siemian proved he can play quarterback in this league. However, for him to be on the market, in all likelihood the Broncos would have to acquire Tony Romo. It seems Romo is headed to the Texans or Broncos. If he goes to the Broncos, the Jets could try to make a trade for Siemian. Believe it or not, they could try to build around him. He still needs more experience in this league, but he proved he can start in the NFL. He wouldn’t appear to be a burden on the cap, and it depends on what the Broncos asking price would be for him. The Jets need a quarterback, and Siemian’s a guy who would not expect the job to be handed to him and compete with the young guys. He still has a lot to prove, but the Jets should consider making a move for him.

Josh McCown

The Jets are clearly rebuilding and looking for a franchise quarterback. Josh McCown is not a franchise quarterback, but he is a solid veteran who can win some ball games. If the Jets were to bring him in, they might only win a handful of games. However, they need to bring in someone to compete with Petty and Hackenberg. His price should be relatively cheap. They call it the bridge quarterback. If Petty and Hackenberg aren’t the answer, the Jets will need a veteran on the roster to quarterback some games. If they bring in McCown, they shouldn’t expect much success. However, he could teach the young quarterbacks a thing or 2. It wouldn’t be the worst thing for the Jets to bring in McCown.

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick needed to get out of San Francisco. Here we are today, and he’s on the market. A gifted athlete with the ability to run and a very strong arm, he has all the tools to be a successful quarterback. For some reason, since Jim Harbaugh left the 49ers, Kaepernick has gotten worse and worse every year. Well, now he is a free agent and he has something to prove. The Jets may not want to bring him in because of his protest that could be a distraction, especially in New York. But, Kaepernick has skills, at age 29. He found success with the 49ers, so that will always be on his resumé. With some playmakers around him, Kaepernick may still be able to be an effective quarterback. The Jets are rebuilding, but again the key word is compete. He wouldn’t be guaranteed the job, but the Jets need to keep searching for answers. Kaepernick is an interesting quarterback who has not gotten much attention on the market. It will be interesting to see where he lands, and if he gets a starting job. Maybe, it’s with the Jets.

Geno Smith

Geno Smith has had a rough go with the Jets. His 2015 season was cut short, when he was punched in the jaw by IK Enemkpali, breaking his jaw. After Ryan Fitzpatrick’s struggles in 2016, Smith was given a shot with the team. He played solid football during his half of play, but left the game early with a torn ACL, ending his 2016 campaign. Smith has a lot to prove, and is probably not looking for a big contract. It wouldn’t be the worse thing if the Jets brought him in for another year, and compete with the young guys. At just age 2016, Smith still has some upside. There’s little risk in bringing him back, maybe on a 1 or 2 year deal. He has a great arm and is a pretty mobile quarterback. With all the tools to be successful, he just needs to make better decisions on the field. He’s paid his dues the past 2 seasons, and has been pretty humble about it. With the way the quarterback market is shifting, the Jets should consider bringing Geno Smith back. They need a quarterback to show consistency. It might not be Smith, but if Petty and Hackenberg aren’t the answer, they might as well sign and start Geno Smith for 2017. That would be a nice story.

The order in which I find these quarterbacks would be most effective for the Jets in 2017:

  1. Geno Smith
  2. Trevor Siemian
  3. Jay Cutler
  4. Robert Griffin III
  5. Josh McCown
  6. Colin Kaepernick
  7. Brock Osweiler



The Legacy of Michael Vick

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Yesterday, Michael Vick announced his retirement from the NFL, after playing 13 seasons for the Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets, and Pittsburgh Steelers. Vick was one of the most exciting quarterbacks of the 2000s, with the ability to make big plays with his speed and his strong arm. He finished his career throwing for 133 touchdown passes for 22,464 yards, as well as over 6,00 rushing yards for 36 touchdowns.

Vick started out his career with the Atlanta Falcons, where he was known for his explosive play. Defenses really had to focus on preparing for him, as he was a duel threat quarterback who could make big plays on his feet or in the air at anytime. Vick is also known for being one of the best players to use in Madden football video games, especially the 2004 edition when he was on the cover of the game. Vick’s career with the Falcons was cut short when he was sentenced to 23 months in Federal prison for his involvement in hosting dogfights on property in Virginia (ESPN). The Falcons then released Vick, and he was suspended for the 2007 and 2008 NFL seasons.

Vick was released from prison in 2009, and later that year signed a contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, being given a second chance. Many questioned this decision, and the hopes were he would show he was a rehabilitated man. Vick took criticisms all around the NFL universe, but he remained humble and admitted he made a mistake.

Michael Vick was accepting of what he had coming from the public, according to azquotes.com he said “I’m willing to deal with the consequences and accept responsibility for my actions.” He also said “use me as an example of an instrument of change.”

After being a backup quarterback with the Eagles for much of the 2009 season, he was given his opportunity to start for them in 2010, having arguably his best career season. During the 2010 campaign, he threw 21 touchdown passes in 12 games started for 3,018 yards, with over 600 yards rushing for 9 touchdowns. He had proven he was still capable of being a starter in the NFL, and during that season he led the Eagles to a division title and also made it to the Pro Bowl. He was mainly the Eagles starter until after 2013, and then he played 1 season for the Jets in 2014 and 1 season for the Steelers in 2015, mainly as a backup for both teams. It looked as though Vick’s career was going to be over in the NFL after 2007, but he certainly prolonged his career until 2015.

So, whether one wants to respect Michael Vick for admitting to his mistakes, and taking advantage of a 2nd chance in the correct manner, by not hitting the front pages of papers in a negative way is up to you to decide. From what I saw, Michael Vick has changed as a human, and become a much better person because of a huge mistake he made. I will not dismiss the fact that what he did was very wrong. But I respect that Michael Vick was able to accept the negative criticism across the country, and not fight back because he knew he was wrong. Today, Michael Vick is an activist against animal cruelty. According to a Washington Post article, Vick said “I was part of the problem. Now, my perspective can help reach people that activists can’t reach. I can help others become agents of change.” In that article, it also stated that Vick supported the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act, which makes it a federal crime to attend an organized animal fight, which was later signed by President Barack Obama in 2014. So what is Michael Vick’s legacy? Michael Vick was an exciting quarterback who messed up big time. He took advantage of his second chance, and is now a changed man. His goal in life now is to help people avoid making the same mistake he did, and also to not take anything for granted. Michael Vick’s legacy is much greater than football. I respect that.

All stats via Pro-Football-Reference.

Mike’s Super Bowl 51 Breakdown

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Super Bowl 51 has the makings to be an all time classic. 2 of the best offenses in the NFL square off in a matchup that many expect to be very high scoring. A quarterback with all the Super Bowl experience in Tom Brady takes on a guy in Matt Ryan who is preparing for his first ever Super Bowl appearance.

How the Falcons can win:

The Atlanta Falcons are coming off of a very impressive win against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship. In this game, the Atlanta defense impressed many, holding the Green Bay offense to 0 points in the first half, leading to a 44-21 dominating Falcon win. Going into the playoffs, everyone knew the Falcons offense could score points in bunches, but now their defense is starting to hold up, making them a very dangerous opponent for the Patriots. My x-factor for the Falcons is Vic Beasley. The NFL’s leader in sacks, he will need to lead the Falcons defense against a very tough Patriots offense. It is very tough to beat Tom Brady and the Patriots. 1 way to slow down Brady is by applying pressure on him. Who better to get pressure on Brady than the NFL leader in sacks? By putting pressure on Brady, it can get him off of his game if he gets hurried quick, resulting in him accepting the sack or throwing the ball away. For the Falcons, we all know their offense can score. If they want to find success in the Super Bowl, they need to find a way to stop Tom Brady by applying pressure on him, led by Vic Beasley.

How the Patriots can win:

Yet again, the New England Patriots are in another Super Bowl. Their 7th with Tom Brady at quarterback, with a 4-2 record. What makes the Patriots so tough is their ability to get the most out of every player. Look at guys like Chris Hogan and Dion Lewis, 2 players who have come up big for the Patriots in the playoffs. It doesn’t matter what personnel they have. As long as Tom Brady is the quarterback and Bill Belichick is the coach, the team will find success. The team just finds a way to get it done. They pretty much cruised through the AFC to the Super Bowl, and are the favorites in this matchup. My x-factor for the Patriots is Malcolm Butler. Butler, who is the Patriots number 1 cornerback is known for his game clinching interception on Russell Wilson in Super Bowl 49. In this game, it appears he will be tasked with Julio Jones. If he can find a way to shut down Jones, that would take away a major element in the Falcons offense. Just like the Falcons, we expect the Patriots to put up points in this game with no problem. It all comes down to if their defense, which has been solid all year, can hold up against one of the best offenses in football. Their secondary has to lock down these Falcons receivers, and if they do, they should be victorious in this one. I think if Julio Jones has less than 5 catches, the Falcons will lose the game. I’m sure Malcolm Butler is up for the task, but so is Julio Jones.

And the winner is…?

This matchup should be exciting. It is headlined by the 2 quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Matt Ryan. 2 MVP candidates, they both will have their way in this one. However, it will all come down to which quarterback makes a mistake. Tom Brady has the experience, but I’m going with Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons in this one. They have been the most impressive team in the playoffs, and showed me a lot when they contained Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. I think the Falcons defense, which has been playing solid football of late, will find a way to get to Tom Brady, leading to victory. I don’t think the game will be as high scoring as people say, with both defenses playing great football in the playoffs. I’ll say Falcons 27, Patriots 24. Not only do I think Matt Ryan will be lifting the Lombardi trophy after this one, but I believe he will also win Super Bowl MVP. As for the Patriots, I expect them to be back next season. I predict Super Bowl 51 will be a classic, and each team has a great chance to win this game.


What the Jets are looking at for 2017

The 2016 season for the New York Jets was a complete failure. The team finished the season with a record of 5-11, and never got going after a 1-5 start. After falling just short of the playoffs in 2015 with a 10-6 record, the expectations appeared clear that this team was all in to make it to the playoffs and eventually make a run to the Super Bowl. The season was a train wreck. It all started when the team resigned Ryan Fitzpatrick to a 1 year deal, after setting Jets quarterback records in 2015. After a solid 2015 season, the team wanted to have a similar look for 2016. Fitzpatrick played in 14 games, throwing 12 touchdown passes for 2,710 yards, with 17 interceptions. The team gave Geno Smith a shot, however he tore his ACL, which was likely his last game as a Jet. They then gave 2nd year quarterback Bryce Petty a shot. He showed sparks, but the team was no help by the later point in the season.

Via the New York Daily News

The Jets have a lot of holes on their team. The first position to address is quarterback, a position that seems like the Jets are looking for every season. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a free agent as is Geno Smith. Expect the 2 of them to go elsewhere because they simply are not the answer. The Jets will be left with Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg. Neither have been given a clean shot, however it’s hard to tell if either will be that franchise quarterback the Jets are looking for. With players that are up there in age like Darrelle Revis, Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, and Matt Forte, they may not approve of a total rebuild unless they are traded. I don’t think the Jets starting quarterback for 2017 is on the roster. One option the team can look at is Tyrod Taylor. His time with the Buffalo Bills could very well be over, and if that’s the case he could be a solid fit for the Jets. A quarterback with great speed, he’d have playmakers around him with the Jets, allowing him to be successful. He also does not turn the ball over a lot, throwing only 6 interceptions in 2016. The Jets might have to look for a trade to acquire him, but it could be worth it.

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Another more risky route the team could go would be to make a trade for Tony Romo. If Dak Prescott has success for the Cowboys in the playoffs after a 13 win regular season, Romo may look to be a starting quarterback for another team. He’s under contract, so it’d have to be via a trade to acquire him. He’s risky, especially with injuries holding him back throughout his career. He is also up there in age, but the Jets still have a lot of veterans on the team. I’m sure guys like Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker would love to have Romo as their quarterback, but it will depend what the Cowboys are looking for in the offseason.

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Another quarterback the Jets should look into is Kirk Cousins. He is set to be a free agent, and has put up phenomenal numbers the past 2 seasons for the Washington Redskins. It seems logical for the Redskins to bring him back for 2017, but who knows if they will want to pay him the big bucks, especially after falling short of the playoffs in 2016. He’s still very young, with a lot of upside. If given the opportunity, the Jets should bring him in. In my opinion, he has the potential to be a top 5 quarterback in the league. Will the Jets take a chance on him? I don’t see it, but I’m sure fans would love to have him.

Kirk Cousins
Via the Associated Press

The team may also be able to find their starting quarterback for 2017 in the draft. The team has the 6th overall pick in the draft, and there are some options the team can look into. The options are not as good as past years, but maybe the team looks to draft a quarterback in 2017. In the first round, they could look at Clemson’s DeShaun Watson or North Carolina’s Mitch Trubisky. Or maybe they look for Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly in the middle rounds of the draft. This being if they enter the draft, these are decent options for the Jets. However, the team may not have a win now mentality with these young quarterbacks, and that would be a sign of a complete rebuild, which can be frustrating for fans.

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What the Jets will do with the 6th overall pick in the draft is intriguing. The team has a lot of holes, and I expect them to go after a quarterback, offensive lineman, or a cornerback. It seems like the Jets draft a defensive player in the 1st round every year, but they are in need of some help in their secondary. The cornerback play in 2016 was atrocious, and it needs to be fixed. It seemed like they were starting different offensive lineman every week, so they may look at that position in the 1st round.

Via the Associated Press

Rebuilding is never fun, but the Jets may look to do that in 2017. I think it all depends who their starting quarterback is. If it’s Bryce Petty, Christian Hackenberg, or a draft pick, the team will be in rebuild mode. If they bring in Tyrod Taylor, Tony Romo, or Kirk Cousins, the team will have playoff expectations. If they realistically think they are playoff contenders in 2017, they need to fill holes on that defense. If they move Darrelle Revis to safety, that opens up roster spots to bring in more cornerbacks. I expect more production from the defensive line in 2017. I think those 3 quarterbacks fit the team well with 2 solid running backs in Bilal Powell and Matt Forte, as well as a great receiving core in Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, and Quincy Enunwa. The team could go in 2 different directions in 2017, and personally I think neither are wrong. However, Jets fans want to win now. Super Bowl 3 was a very long time ago.

All stats via Pro-Football-Reference

The rise and fall of Mark Sanchez as quarterback of the New York Jets (Part 4/4- the 2013 season)

Going into the 2013 season, it appeared that Mark Sanchez was on his way out as quarterback of the Jets. The Jets drafted Geno Smith in the 2nd round of the 2013 NFL Draft, and it appeared the 2 players were going to compete for the starting quarterback position.

Via USA Today Sports

The choice for Rex Ryan was made much simpler when he had Mark Sanchez play in the 4th quarter of a preseason against the other New York team, the Giants. Sanchez took a tough hit from Giants’ defensive lineman Marvin Austin, and banged up his shoulder. This would be the last play Mark Sanchez would ever be apart of for the New York Jets. He ended up tearing his labrum, requiring season ending surgery, putting him on injured reserve.

NFL: Preseason-New York Jets at New York Giants
Via USA Today Sports

There was question after the injury as to why Mark Sanchez was in the game in the 4th quarter of a preseason game. According to the New York Daily News, Rex Ryan said later on about the situation “My opinion was that nobody had done enough to win the job at that time, that’s why Mark was in there.” Clearly Rex Ryan had lost confidence in Mark Sanchez.

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We will never know what Mark Sanchez was going to become that year, but the 2013 season was the end of his run in New York. At the end of the season, the Jets released Sanchez, and he has since played for the Philadelphia Eagles, Denver Broncos, and Dallas Cowboys. He has not had a consistent starting job since, but he did start a few games for the Eagles after an injury to Nick Foles. The Jets have yet to find the answer at quarterback since they released Mark Sanchez. Since he was released, Geno Smith, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Bryce Petty have all started games under center.

Via USA Today Sports

Mark Sanchez had a strange career for the Jets. Unfortunately, he is remembered for throwing interceptions, the buttfumble, and getting hurt in the 4th quarter of a preseason game. But, his first 2 seasons in New York were special. He may not have flashed the scorecard with impressive stats, but he found a way to get it done in the clutch. You always felt like the team was going to win if the ball was in Mark Sanchez’s hands with under 2 minutes. His career can be interpreted in many ways, but he clearly was one of the most successful Jet quarterbacks in the playoffs. 2 straight AFC Championship games, with 4 wins in the playoffs, the most of any Jet quarterback. He finished his Jet career throwing 68 touchdown passes and 69 interceptions. In his playoff career as a Jet he threw 9 touchdown passes to 3 interceptions.

Via Getty Images

My opinion on Mark Sanchez’s tenure as a Jet: It is a shame because Jet fans really thought they had their franchise quarterback. He certainly went on a great 2 year run that I will never forget. I felt the team was not as good around him towards the end of his Jet career, leading to his failures. They had a powerhouse defense with playmakers when he was younger. They continued to lose players, and he was not the kind of player to put a team on his shoulders. Here’s how one can sum up Mark Sanchez’s career as a New York Jet: 4 playoff wins in his first 2 seasons with a knack for being clutch, to the buttfumble and a constant turnover machine. Mark Sanchez rose as quarterback of the New York Jets. But later on, Mark Sanchez fell as quarterback of the New York Jets.

All stats via Pro-Football-Reference.