The answer as to who should win the Jets quarterback competition is obvious, right?


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What would be an NFL preseason be without the New York Jets holding a quarterback competition? Well, that’s underway again between Josh McCown, Christian Hackenberg, and Bryce Petty with fans not showing much confidence in any of them. The Jets … Continue reading

What are the Jets doing?

During this offseason, it is clear that the Jets are in total rebuild mode. With cuts to all- time greats including Nick Mangold, Darrelle Revis, and David Harris, as well as some core offense players in Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, who the team is looking to trade right now, the Jets currently do not have much of an appeal. So, what is it that the Jets are doing?

While financially, it makes sense that the team has let go of these players,  a question still can be raised as to who the team’s leader will be? Going into OTA’s, it looked as though David Harris and Eric Decker would man the ship for the young players and keep the locker room stable. But, now they will not be members of the Jets in 2017, and there is not a leader on this team. Most teams look to be competitive in the NFL, but it’s hard to see this team being much of a challenge at this point.

It’s hard to get a beat on them right now, but it is clear and has been for years that the team is in search of a franchise quarterback. They will certainly see what they have this year with Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty, but so far neither player has progressed enough to show they can be the longterm solution. Last season, the team was all in with veterans in hopes of making a deep playoff run, now they are trying to get younger, looking at their future.

Throughout the 21st century, the Jets season’s have consisted of mediocrity, with a few 9-10 wins with some playoff runs sprinkled in there. They have never been a dominant team, but also have never been the worst team in the NFL. So, this rebuild they’re going through is something fans have not seen in quite sometime.

The Jets have not made the playoffs since 2010, and throughout there have been many areas where fingers can be pointed. But, something that stands out the most is the Jets’ failure to draft well. Since 2010, the Jets have parted ways with 5 of their first round picks, and they also have not drafted an offense player in the first round since Mark Sanchez in 2009. Yet, their struggles continue to be led by the failure to find an elite quarterback.

Now in 2017, the team does not look like they will have much of a draw, and it appears as though they will compete for the worst record in football. Many Jets fans will tell you this is what the team needs; the number 1 overall pick and an opportunity to get the best player in the draft. But, does it really matter? Of late, the Jets always seem to struggle in the draft, also having problems finding steal players in the later rounds. When the Jets draft mid round quarterbacks like Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg, the hope is they will find success like a Russell Wilson or Dak Prescott, or dare I say Tom Brady. But, the Jets have had so many quarterback issues, it gets hard to explain.

The one area fans can look forward to is to see how first round pick Jamal Adams pans out this season, in which some said he could be the best player in the draft. The hope is he will be a cornerstone player, and set a tone with his work ethic and will to win. So, Jets fans need to brace for a really painful season. I would say be patient, but this franchise has been patient for so long. You also have to wonder how Todd Bowles can be fairly evaluated given the personnel he has this year. It’s hard to tell what the Jets are doing right now, but it looks like it’s going to be a rebuild that could last years. Jets fans are hungry for consistent success, but it doesn’t look as though they will be getting it any time soon. 2017 will probably be classified as a maintenance year, but I’m sure the Jets as an organization will tell the world they’re ready to win. Well, it’s tough to win when the team doesn’t even have a clear leader. Maybe if the team finds success in a few years, fans will look at 2017 as a positive season. Right now, the season hasn’t even started but the Jets have been written off by many.

5 players the Jets have to consider at 6 if available in the NFL Draft

The New York Jets sit with the number 6 overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft this Thursday with many great options. With many holes on the team, this is a huge draft, especially for Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles. Here’s 5 players the Jets should not pass on if available.

5. Leonard Fournette, RB- LSU

Leonard Fournette looks to have the talent to be an elite running back in the NFL. With Adrian Peterson like power, Fournette played in the SEC, a conference full of tough defenses, especially Alabama. With injuries being the only thing holding back Fournette, he looks like he has the skills to be one of the best in the league. While it seems draft experts don’t like teams taking running backs early, you have to take the Dallas Cowboys and Ezekiel Elliot into account. Drafted in the top 10 last year, Elliot hit the league quick, and was arguably the best running back in the NFL. The Jets have many holes, but running back is actually one of their stronger positions with Bilal Powell and Matt Forte. But, Leonard Fournette has superstar talent and could make an instant impact as a New York Jet.

4. Marshon Lattimore, CB- Ohio State

While Jets fans are tired of the team drafting a defensive player in the first round, something they have done every year since 2009, when they drafted quarterback Mark Sanchez, they actually do need some more depth at the cornerback position. Right now, the team does not have a number one cornerback, and they released one of their leaders on defense at the cornerback position in Darrelle Revis. Lattimore has the potential to be the team’s number one cornerback, and would actually give them some depth alongside Morris Claiborne and Buster Skrine. But, the Jets’ secondary was abysmal last season, and they might have to take a shot at Lattimore and upgrade their defense. Lattimore is athletic, and would be a solid fit for the Jets.

3. OJ Howard, TE- Alabama 

While it is rare to see a team draft a tight end with the 6th overall pick in the draft, this is definitely a position the Jets need to upgrade. They have not gotten much production from their tight ends since the days of Dustin Keller. While drafting OJ Howard would not make the team instantly better, he’d be a nice weapon for the Jets, as we see many teams today who have a tight end as their go to guy. The Jets are rebuilding, and need more skilled players. OJ Howard would definitely be a nice fit, but of course he’d need a good quarterback throwing to him.

2. Mitchell Trubisky, QB- UNC

The knock on this year’s draft is that there really aren’t any projected top 10 quarterbacks. But, the Jets need a quarterback, no matter where they’re picking. It might seem logical for the Jets to trade back in the Draft and go for Trubisky, but they need a franchise quarterback wherever they draft him. They currently have three quarterbacks on their roster, and 2 are very young. But, they need to keep drafting quarterbacks and give them a shot. They have to get it right eventually. Some feel Trubisky should have stayed for another year at UNC. Considering he has not started that many games, he might be a risky pick for the Jets. But, if they hit a home run in other rounds in this draft, and build up their roster including an offensive line to protect Trubisky, he could find success here. He is certainly a player that should be on the Jets’ radar, but it all comes down to if he’s worth it at 6, while many GM’s seem to like drafting the best overall player available.

1. Jamal Adams, S- LSU

During his time at LSU, Adams proved to be a great leader on their defense. That right there is something the Jets need. The Jets need guys that want to work and want to win. They don’t need players showing up late for meetings, and simply showing they don’t care. The Jets need a culture change, and while he’d be a rookie, Adams would have an instant impact on a team that needs help in their secondary. Some project him in the top 3, but if he’s available at 6, the Jets should go after him. He has the skills and attitude to play a long NFL career, so why not for the Jets? The Jets also let up a lot of deep balls last season. At safety, Adams would definitely help the secondary with their deep ball weakness; plays that took the Jets right out of games.








What signing Josh McCown means for the Jets

As reported yesterday, the Jets signed quarterback Josh McCown to a 1 year deal. McCown, coming off of a injury plagued 2016 season with the Cleveland Browns, sits at age 37 with a team in the Jets that is clearly rebuilding. The Jets also have 2 young quarterbacks on their roster in Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg. What remains to be seen is who will be the opening week starter for a team that cut several of their high priced veterans including center Nick Mangold, wide receiver Brandon Marshall, and cornerback Darrelle Revis.

After these cuts were made, it was clear the Jets were in a total rebuild. So, why bring in Josh McCown some might ask? Realistically, bringing in McCown is to have a veteran on the quarterback staff that will compete with the 2 young guys in Petty and Hackenberg. Many would like to see the team give these 2 young quarterbacks a chance, especially after they made it clear they are starting over with a rebuild.

Something that the McCown signing might eliminate is whether the Jets will draft a quarterback with the 6th overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft. They now have 3 quarterbacks on the roster, and if they drafted another, they’d definitely have to cut at least one of them. Does that put Petty or Hackenberg on the hot seat? That might not be fair, considering Petty only started a few games last season and Hackenberg, a former 2nd round pick has yet to play in a game. There are 2 quarterbacks who have franchise quarterback potential in Deshaun Watson and Mitchell Trubisky. But, the signing of McCown might be a sign that the Jets do not have intentions of drafting either of these 2 players.

The signing of Josh McCown ultimately shows the Jets have no intentions of drafting a quarterback in the upcoming draft, and by signing him to just a 1 year deal the hope is Petty or Hackenberg will show improvements this year, or they have their eyes set on someone in the 2018 draft. Teams usually prefer to have a veteran quarterback on their team, and now the Jets have one. Some might have felt that there were better options on the market, and that might be true. But, the reality is this team is still a long ways from winning. Fans will have to show patience, as the goal for this season will have to be for the team to know exactly who Petty and Hackenberg are. With the 6th overall pick in the upcoming draft, the team does not only need a quarterback, as they have many holes on the team. McCown coming in also does not grant him the starting job. Hopefully he will be a good locker room guy, and push the two young quarterbacks in a summer competition for the starting job. The team still has many questions, and expectations seem to be low for the New York Jets in 2017. What a difference a year makes for this team.